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I remember the mini golf course-my dad and I would have super saturday's and that was one of the places we would go. I really wish Miles City would get something like that back again. As a town we rea + 68 more characters
Oh yes-I remember both. We would have our family picnics at the pumping plant and spend hours on the little hills-was soo much fun! Those were the days. From there we went to going down our stairs, fo + 43 more characters
Amy-the stories I could tell you about Mary and I. Good memories and brings a smile to my face thinking about them. Chuck!!!! Have you forgotten what happens in the house-stays in the house!! lol.
Ben-you could always go to the Book Store on Friday nights.
Chrissy-Oh grampa's TBird's-I remember gramma and grampa making you take me along. I am sure your friends just loved me! Marin sends his love
I just joined and when I read this-boy did it bring back memories!!! My parents are Jack and Sue and I remember living in the little green house with my own little play house on the front porch. I als + 54 more characters
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