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hey brian--satan is not as powerful--but God is letting him do his thing and testing us--then when HE is ready Satan will be put in his place--ttfn--dawn
hey brian--we r a same sex couple--i do not consider myself to be a lesbian--but i am very fortunate to be a woman in love with woman--i wish we were married but it is illegal in montana--so we had a + 370 more characters
hey ya'll--i loved giggling to this--as for homosexuals and the bible--i believe we are all loved by Jesus and his father who created us all--i have found a very loving and accepting church who teach + 333 more characters
hey amorette--do u know the menu for dinner tomorrow night--my wife has some allergies to foods and need to know if i might need to get her something to eat before we come--happy thoughts--dawn
well i make it--lol
david--how could u--lol
this is so very true
consider yourself lucky amorette--there r not many out there
notice that it takes 4 men to do what the love and caring of one woman can do
I totally agree with all the comments expressed here--my life partner and I will be having our commitment ceremony on saturday and wish it was marriage--we feel it is marriage and will look at it as t + 486 more characters
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