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Does anyone know the name of the 1940-41 business school or schools in Miles City?
Nybo-Spoa 11 years ago
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Do these names ring a bell with anyone? Nybo and Spoa? They are referenced on two post cards sent from relatives to relatives,from the Miles City to the Hathaway area. Two of the family names are the + 348 more characters
I Have found Clermont. It was a NPRR spur/siding that was used by the immigrants traveling to Montana. There was a boxcar kept there that was used for storing the immigrant,s belongings and tools unti + 537 more characters
Is there a listing on line of the graves in the Custer County Cemetery?
I have read all the posts. Thanks to everybody. But I have found two maps that has Clermont on the NPRR between Huntley and Pompey's Pillar. You can see for yourself at: url url I had a long url in he + 246 more characters
You are asking the wrong person. This is my first post.
Does anyone know where the location is for the above town? A 1920 Census from Ancestry transcribed it to Clearmont. But the census taker didn't write it very good so it is hard to make out. My anceste + 376 more characters
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