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I'm thinking this may refer to Jane Anderson/ Mrs. Richard Anderson of Tongue River. I know her brother was killed in 'Nam.
Chrysler just mailed out info on that particular problem. It instructed you to go to the nearest dealer where it would be repaired. If you are not the owner, or the one who had it a year ago, the info + 185 more characters
Vanetta: please check the Range Riders Museum site for more info on your ancestor. It may give you some insight into his later life. You can search it via the Miles City Chamber of Commerce too.
As I recall Fred, there was a wing tank pod from that plane that lay around the outside of the auto shop for a few years along with a sort of Link trainer used by the cadets in the CAP back in the '40 + 110 more characters
Do you suppose the "clippers" coming to MC are the shearers competing during the BHS?
There were/are at least two Miles families here in MC over the years. The only one I knew of was a Mildred Miles, but cannot provide any other info except she lived here in the 1950s.
My guess is that was closer to the river. Diamond R bulltrain was located, with pens, about where the hiway dept. is now. So Chinnick's would have been beyond that it would seem.
Jim: About the only thing I can add is that Uncle Kid was married to a Paula who was wit and certainly an equal to Uncle Kid. I met her when only 4 - 5 and she entertained the family well. She and Kid + 236 more characters
The only time I recall seeing any was the winter of 1949 and it was a doozy of a winter.
Your teasing was right on the mark, He is considered to be the leader into what became the Nashville sound, which gave a dimension to the traditional honkytonk music by adding violins and other "class + 102 more characters
If I recall correctly, the one requirement for membership was to have lived in Miles City for 50 years. Any idea why it faded away?
And don't forget Chevron nest to the courthouse. I think Phillips 66 came in in the '60s.
To BettyO, I remember most of the people from Miles and Ulmers. It was a great learning experience for me. Had both Toby's and Tony's kids for students 15 years later. Anyway, the owner - in the '50s + 168 more characters
One heifer - if bred and pregnant - is worth about $1700.
The oldest son of Lyle Hawkins is David who now runs the mortuary, I believe. He is in his 70s. He did attend our all '50s class reunion in '09.
Jim's son Bill, is alive and living in Billings the last I knew. I believe he too, is engaged in buying/selling livestock. Fine young man though in his 50s now.
And if you are identified as "former local man", what then are to think?
Better yet, give Tom and Tootie a call.
Uncle Kid was my great uncle. I never knew him but met his wife when I was very young. Many stories have been handed down about U Kid, and some are even true. I will try to help if I can.
I certainly would make it a requirement of employment. Have you considered buying a mobile home?
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