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I noticed the comment on my name.You said my parents misspelled it on my birth certificate.Show me your birth cirtificate. Why do you Insult Me.Until then I will refer to your parent`s FU and call you + 20 more characters
Tomm,what am I to do.I cannot afford my horse named Obamacare.They named my horse they forced me to take.Can someone take care of Obamacare for me and just give me someone else`s money?I like Obamacar + 328 more characters
Larry,you altered my email and then posted it.Why? WTF. I have the original if you need it for review.WTF. you have scared Amorette with this. WTF
Just saying that you have done something for the Community here Larry with because people discuss important things and kind of get them out in the open.For one if you are going to post things,i + 846 more characters
If protections are being taken then who exactly are getting hurt by hookers Buck.I bet there is some snickering about now when I post this.
Ooooh REALLy Tomm
That is kind of a cool car LarryTheWebmaster. My first car was a 1967 chevelle SS396. I paid $225 for it and had to BEG my parents to let me buy it.
Like how fast could your Pinto go anyway Mr.Webmaster
Do I have to bring a cow for abduction? And if I so do so bring a cow do I need to bring a SkyHook?
I think you can field this one Larry. I mean look,you own a website that that brings diversity together.
A minus -7 million to you Buck.Yes,a double minus for you.Maybe someone will pay for your double minus -7 million for you Buck.It`s OK,it isn`t your money and you won`t have to pay.I doubt if you can + 121 more characters
We had a horse on the farm named Buck.A children`s horse. If you take money from someone else does that make it yours?And if that money that you take from someone else is now yours then why not take a + 714 more characters
As Buck Showalter pointed out. Why should we turn down $10 for every dollar that we pay in.SIMPLY PUT:those dollars are from someone else paying your bills.
The US Government is taking over a slice of private business that is approximately 16% of the economy.The way they did it has been determined a tax so it may be legal.Doesn`t seem to matter if it is l + 1375 more characters
The health care coverage cancellations are a " Genuine Crisis " sorry if you have not heard about it Larry.
Maybe you can qualify for a sex change Tomm
Our military runs on an over decade old version of Windows.Not saying anything.Just thought it was worth a mention.
Just saying which I believe is privately owned outperforms or outperformed the Obamacare site.
I was not joking Wendy
I think California is pretty much bankrupt and Montana has a surplus of funds.I don`t have the answer. I come from a family that has money.They like to poke people dying on the street with sticks to s + 224 more characters
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