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Seriously? There's a Dollar Tree in town?
This seems to be a common problem in Miles City. People support candidates based on redundant personal issues, rather than qualifications. If your reason for supporting, or not supporting someone is + 355 more characters
I also went swimming at the Oasis last time I was in Miles City, and it was fantastic. The water was great and I was by far the biggest kid there. Needles to say, I ruled the high dive with an iron fi + 392 more characters
"...it sure would be nice to be able to go fishing on the rivers once again." Just out of curiosity, what fishing spot requires you to be able to drive on the dike? Unless I'm missing something, it s + 76 more characters
You can also score tickets online at: url
Special guest? I can still beat him up!
Apparently the Elks is having an event this Saturday night, so Open Mic is on hold until the 19th.
Wish I could have been there. I miss open mic like crazy! Miles City is a lucky place to have such a cool event every week.
I guess the concept of a teen center has always bothered me. When you're a kid you spend most of your days in a fantastic "teen center" called school, and for the most part it's pretty lame. When anyo + 814 more characters
So I was reading the Readers Digest thread and a question came to mind. Are teen centers ever successful? I've seen several tried and none succeed. To me it seems obvious why, but perhaps I'm missing + 24 more characters
Should Be a good show. You can listen to her here: url
So it just means that you are geographically located in Miles City? Isn't that a given? Someone could just as well hang it on their church, or put it on the roof of their porn store. It essentially ha + 530 more characters
I also am confused by the brand/logo. I see it on the "Miles City" sign off the interstate, it hangs on a clock tower, it's painted on a bunch of dumpsters, I've seen it on a hotel door and various o + 264 more characters
Online Tickets: url
Just bought my ticket online! Can't wait to see these guys. It will be worth the trip.
"I have to remind myself that some birds aren't meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright. And when they fly away, the part of you that knows it was a sin to lock them up DOES rejoice. Sti + 189 more characters
Tucker, The solstice party was excellent. The food and fire were amazing, and we all had fun hanging out, and playing music. We even had Kara distributing smores around the fire with true Kafe Utza fi + 223 more characters
This should be good. I've never heard Max but I know that Vince Stevenson is a great songwriter and performer. I'm excited to see these guys.
Brian, Let me clarify what exactly I find appalling about this. A person has died. This person left behind a family, friends, and loved ones who are grieving his death at this very moment. Meanwhile y + 317 more characters
Brian, You've successfully made your point. You disagree with Jerry Falwell's politics; join the club. The point is that you've handled your distaste in an appalling fashion. I fail to see the need fo + 107 more characters
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