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Ok Susan is right. I am wondering if there were'nt some kids from the Radar Base in these classses. Thanks Sue, I knew I was not there but in Miss Keating's class. Now if we all could get together and + 255 more characters
That is correct it does flow but you missed the point the flow was through two settling ponds and the bottom of the pool had new loads of cleaned sand brought in to replenish the old sand. The water f + 392 more characters
It never ceases to amaze me of the ignorance about the pool in MC. Before the powers to be cut the funding back and trashed the pump that supplied the water for the pool there was no p[lace better. Th + 957 more characters
Mary Faye fell last week in Miles City and broke her hip. She is in Billings at Valley Health Care, 1807 24th St. West, Billings, Montana 59102. She would be delighted by any kind of correspondence. I + 263 more characters
How quickly we forget the old 600 downstairs with Gardner oor Paul on a Friday night.
Thanks, at least your busy instead of sitting around watching the paint dry.
Terry Analora by far is a great inspirational power but you cannot forget the name Terharr. Because I know Terry can't. I hope I spelled it right.
Good graphics. Just how often are the donor names updated? Just asking.
Thanks for the trip down memory lane. The depth was about 5-7 feet. I know that it was partially filled up at least once during one of those really ugly thunderstorms that hailed out the Northside of + 32 more characters
The "bowl" was the best place to skate. I lived across the street and when the City workers got it flooded and the first good freeze hit, then winter started. Roy Slusher, Mr. Powell would let it set + 449 more characters
No time for lyrics now: Anything by Hoyt Axton.
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