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Kinsey School is again sponsoring their annual Halloween Carnival on Friday Night Oct 30th, from 6:30-8:30 out at Kinsey School. They have numerous games, haunted house, a silent auction, a cake walk, + 307 more characters
Does anyone have any history on the Hot Springs that are out west of Angela. Went out there with the Boy Scouts today and would like to know some more information about it. I heard it was drilled in t + 37 more characters
Come in out of the cold...join us at the Omni Center on Saturday night from 3-7 pm for some games, food, and fun!! See you there!
Just to remind everyone about the carnival at the Omni Center on Saturday October 10th from 3-7pm. It should be fun...bring the family out and give the cook the night off and enjoy hot dogs and the wo + 19 more characters
Miles City area Girl Scouts will again be hosting a carnival for ALL to enjoy. This years carnival will be at the Omni Center on Saturday October 10th from 3 to 7pm. Because of a larger location, we w + 830 more characters
bump...come join in the fun!!
To all the people bashing on Kinsey school, we live in town and choose to send our kids out to Kinsey because we think the education they receive out there is superb and far and above what they get in + 479 more characters
Appropriate initials for this load of CRAP!! Mark
Hi Linda, I am so sorry about your loss of your hubby!! Please know that the girls all care for you and are thinking of you. If there is anything we can do for you or your family, let us know. Lots of + 45 more characters
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FOUND: when we were cleaning up, a little girls sweatshirt was found. It is pink with NIKE across the front. Please call 234-2230 if it is your daughters. Thanks.
RE: Carnival 11 years ago
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Are you needing something warm and fun for the kids to do today? Come on over to the Episcopal Hall and have some fun!! There is lots to do and lots to eat! See you there!!
RE: Carnival 11 years ago
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YES we are still having the carnival even it's snowing and raining and cold outside!! We are inside the Episcopal Hall from 11 to 3pm on Saturday October 11. We will have pizza, drinks, games for the + 144 more characters
The Girl Scouts are also hosting a Fall Carnival complete with games, cake/cookie walk, food (pizza!!) and inflatables (the ones the kids can jump in) all for $10 for the day!! We are hosting it at th + 178 more characters
Spots are filling quickly--call and get your name on the list and enjoy an evening out without the worries of the kids!! Also, the girls decided to babysit on Saturday afternoon as well! So, if you ne + 107 more characters
Two days until Bucking you have a reliable babysitter for Friday night?? We have 9 girls ready and willing to babysit overnight so you don't have to worry about your kids!! (along with thre + 693 more characters
bump...The girls are offering a babysitting service to help raise funds to go to Canada this summer and also to finish fixing up the inside cabin out at the Girl Scout camp ground. The money raised is + 159 more characters
Support your local girl scout troop!! And get an overnight babysitter while you go have fun?? What more can you ask for? If you have questions or concerns, please call 234-2230 or email [email protected] + 6 more characters
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