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the city will be trying to work on the rink this week, with flooding it and later trying to make smooth ice. weather permitting
the city doesn't even have a real plow. it has a motorgrader to peel up the snow after it has been packed down a little and a front end loader with a plow that will attach to it. but most of the time + 284 more characters
right now is a waist of time to put gravel in. no sooner would it be put in, it will be kicked out. until the temps warm up and the streets dry out, pick a different street to travel. dont be sheepoel + 24 more characters
with the council that we have now, the money will expire. it will have to go to one committee and then to the next and then back again and then to another before they can make a decision. as far as i + 386 more characters
You could always bag it up and return it back to the owners door step
Number 2 pick in next years draft
The saying of there is nothing to do in this town is a bunch of crap. It starts with the parents, get your kids outside and do something with them. Even if its just a walk in the park or take them out + 620 more characters
To my understanding, the Mayor as a REPRESENTIVE of the city offered the unions the raise increase and then the council said no. Isn't the budget the MAYORS budget when turned into the state. It will + 422 more characters
One thing that really bothers me from this whole deal is the people complaing on here and writing in the paper really don't have a clue of what they are talking about except for what they heard at the + 1011 more characters
looks like it comes on at 10am
what channel is that
Your water bill is based on your meter size. If you have a 5/8 meter, you have a 3,000 gallon min. rate charge. If you live in the county your rates are different. Not only that but your water bill on + 305 more characters
sorry to upset the people who are on thier days off, but there were alot more people than you two searching than you. i even saw some tresspassing on city owned property were the pumpkin is not even l + 37 more characters
I didn't realize how high the unemployment was in this town until this afternoon while i was out working at the pumping plant and watching all of the people driving in circles looking for that pumpkin + 83 more characters
how about the vet making a house call
Ask the chamber office about the bed and breakfast places in the area, i know there is one south of town and they will let you go prairie dog hunting also
I have used both bark and shock collars on my dogs and both have worked well. And now if she does relapse, all i have to do is take it out of the drawer and let her see it and it is a quick reminder f + 92 more characters
how about some of those night vision cameras to capture wildlife. you could hide them in the trees and then catch them on film. i would donate mine in a heart beat if i had one. those type of people n + 55 more characters
Haven't been able to listen to the radio today, what has gone on with the games
I wonder if he was on his cell phone and didn't realize how fast he was going.
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