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In my opinion thats a toss-up between the Montana Bar in MC and the Pony Bar...love em both!
I too love my Sony Reader! I got it for xmas and was a little skeptical at first but I cant say anything bad about it. Bixby summed it up...highly recommend it.
11:21 Desolation Row...Bob Dylan
Voluntary Madness by Norah Vincent...an interesting nonfiction.
My new fav cereal is Just Bunches...from Honey Bunches of Oats....Yummy!!
I havent had mountain dew in a while...but I must say there is nothing like a "fountain mountain" dew.
It sounds as if your son will be a wonderful addition to the town. The Catholic Church is the Sacred Heart Parish. Its a great church...Rev.Oswald baptised my daughter last time I was home and I thoug + 84 more characters
My favorite reads: Anthing written by Annie Dillard Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky An American Tragedy by Theodore Dreiser The Fou + 36 more characters
Ya, you have to order your dressing on the side or its a mess.
The Staggering Ox sandwich joint in missoula is a must have. I live in tahoe and now but I crave them all the time. They make their sandwiches in hallowed out bread that is baked in tin cans. OMG they + 58 more characters
What a staggering loss. So many memories there. My mom had an ice cream shop, The Big Dipper, around the corner right next to the alley...I'm not sure what business was there most recently. We had hig + 271 more characters
Wow, what misfortune it is to have lost all the historic buildings on that block of main street. My heart goes out to those directly affected.
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