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rainboy I do not live in Glendive. There are many Roses in this world.
You would have a better chance of finding what you are looking for in Glendive, Montana and CHEAPER. But I guess, it would be a little drive. Good Luck in your move.
What would happen if the whole state of Montana was destroyed, by something Mother Nature threw our way? Would wanting a little help be too much to ask? I thought we were our brothers keepers. I don' + 334 more characters
Why house people in Glasgow? Why not Miles City and Glendive? The Mayor of New Orleans should have Bused out everyone who could not get out. He had 3 days notice. I blame him for not doing his job.
Couldn't sleep and there isn't much to do at 3 a.m. Rose
I have read many people questioning someones name. Is it real or fake. Does it really matter?
How do you feel about what is happening to Terri? Would you want to be Starved to DEATH?
I think Makoshika State Park in Glendive, MT. is a great place to visit. It is, after all, the Largest State Park in Montana.
I don't think a Sales Tax will help with anything. It will not lower property tax. It won't help companies come to Montana. Sale taxes will just get wasted by the Govenment and the people of Montana + 214 more characters
I am glad there is some progress. I hope that many Buisnesses will have the info. My Friends come to see me and I do take them to Forsyth, Miles City and Glendive. Mostly to Glendive, I think it is b + 210 more characters
Is there any progress with the downtown plans? I would like to know. Thanks, Rose
My point in writing the Alcohol Ban Needed, was to point out that Drinking and Tobacco can both cause problems. I really do not support a ban on either. I just get tired of people targeting only the + 392 more characters
What I will say may not please everyone, so I will say sorry now. I can't please everyone. Since Alcohol talk in unwelcomed in the smoking ban forum, I thought I woulod voice my opion on this new alc + 757 more characters
Ken, You're wrong, we are not missing the point. It is call FREEDOM of choice. People are free to work in a smoke free place, there are more smoke free places to work than there are smoking places. W + 230 more characters
Lee Alcohol is a POISON too, in its pure form or deluted. What about the people who drink and drive. What about all the cans and bottles left all over the roads, sidewalks. I even get people throwin + 394 more characters
I can understand people views on smoking, but I still will NOT support a smoking ban. What about all the people who Drink, that costs all of us not only money, but lives too. Especially when they chos + 322 more characters
I am not sure why the 21st birthday is important, probably the same reason the 16th birthday is important. They are mile stones in a child/adult life. 16 you can drive, unless you live in Montana, it + 470 more characters
Thanks to everyone who has said where they live. So many places. I only wish I had seen more of the U.S.A. I still have time. But I doubt I will see much more. But at least I live in Montana.
They want to ban smoking everywhere, casinos, bars ect..... What is next, can't smoke at home or in your own car??? I don't smoke, but I oppose a smoking ban. If I don't want to go where there is smok + 399 more characters
We have a child who just turned 20 and who lives at home. Goes to College full time and works almost full time. We would hope that when that all important 21 birthday comes around, we would included i + 233 more characters
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