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amazing. Voted
Try Carmen Holley at Dairy Queen.. She has done a lot of catering for other people and her food is delious
I have two cups of frozen rhubard.. If you want it.. :d
If you know nothing about the program and how it works. Then please quit saying mean things. I have never met any of you. And I hope that I never do. Read information, instead of just guessing.. By th + 203 more characters
I have no secrets.. All you had to do is ask nicely and I would send you the information.. The diet is called TaiSlim..
just plain rude...
It is a totally different than what you think.. If you are interested and would like more information. Please email at [email protected]
really.. All I asked was about if anyone was interested in losing weight. Instead I get rude comments.. I thought that maybe Miles City was full of nice good people. But I guess I was wrong.
So some people are not smart like you.. I don't have a degree in English.. I guess that I am just a county pumpkin... How about that you write my article for me.. Since you are the only smart one in M + 9 more characters
My Brother is coming to town on Wednesday.. He is excited to tell all about this wonderful new diet that he is on.. He has lost almost 2 lbs a day on this diet. The diet is approved by a Diabetic Doct + 280 more characters
I remember coming home from school and watching Dark Shadows.. It was my favorite Soap Opera. Of all time...I saw the trailer and it did lot pretty good
I think that we have almost eaten most of the stuff out of our basket.. The bread was good. The grapes were delious. The lettuce outstanding.. Thank you Kim and all your hard work, getting the BB here + 79 more characters
Ordered mine.. So excited. Thanks Kim for getting this to Miles City..
I for one would love to have a scrapebook store around this area.. I was just thinking of the same thing the other day.. Great minds must work together. Good luck.. Will shop at your store if you do o + 7 more characters
try wilma becker she is amazing in all area's
A good fabric store and craft store would be wonderful. That way we wouldn't have to travel to Billings or order items on-line
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