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Please remind everyone to brings pictures of their families (spouses,chilren,grandchildren)every 10 or more years alot can change. Machelle
I'm out of town but just bought my airline ticket. will not be back home untill June 2nd but will get a check right in the mail. Not sure if you have recieved Brian Super's form but he is coming also, + 146 more characters
Thanks for your replies, I'm trying to get in touch with Brian Super and Mark Rask(from my class) they both live in CA and see if they are coming maybe we can fly together. My husband and I will be in + 318 more characters
Hi,Machelle Carranco from Sacred Heart class 1978 this will be our 30th, wondering if there is going to be a good turnout from our great year. I have been kept in touch with the reunion plans from my + 193 more characters
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