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My favorite Motorcycle related story; my daughter (at 17, I encouraged her to read the book) was in a group setting job interview when the interviewer asked if anyone could define "quality." She got e + 51 more characters
And that would be called an autocracy.
Thanks all.
Don't have dental insurance so hoped someone could recommend one? Thanks!
Thanks Liz. I'll see if I can get him in w/her.
My husband is having a total knee replacement and wondered if anyone could recommend a therapist in Miles City; hopefully one who has direct experience w/knee replacements, or just a good therapist ov + 17 more characters
I've heard of people using beetles to clean deer skulls to make a European mount. Does anyone have this set-up or know anything about it?
Thanks all.
Does anyone know who could help us get our windmill pumping again? Think it needs a new leather installed. Thanks!
I have a 2011 wheelchair concerted Silverado truck and the motor or electrical system is acting up when I engage the lift. Hoped I wouldn't have to drive to Billings for a fix. Anyone out there famili + 25 more characters
"I post this here because any discussion about "myths" and "fixing" the problems of Africa should include an introduction to the monstrous human and infrastructure barriers to any solution to the pove + 309 more characters
I just got my flu shot in Billings and Doc said there was one influenza strain the vaccine did not cover, so not to think I was totally immune to getting sick. She did say that one would likely be les + 120 more characters
There is a meeting being held today which she plans to attend. Thanks for the responses.
My daughter is currently enrolled but now there are rumors of layoffs, tuition hikes and even the president has jumped ship?
Mom loves ALL game, so when and if you get enough interested, post here. We live on Moon Creek road. My daughter goes to MCC every weekday and would love to facilitate her transportation.
Mom hasn't reached the "almost" stage yet. Maybe she's almost there?
My Mom LOVES to play pinochle. Daylight hours would be preferable though.
Do you all think you're funny?
My daughter will be starting classes at MCCC next month and is looking for someone to ride share with in the Moon Creek road area. Thanks.
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