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I agree 110 percent with what has been said, what gives a "walmart" auto service tech. the audacity to question the manufacturer who build the car. and me the owner. Unfortunetly walmart is all we got + 173 more characters
Oh man I got 7 dislikes why? I speak the truth... please let me know why you don't like my statement.. [Edited by goo (3/28/2016 7:21:27 PM)]
I'm sorry i agree with justice seeking. The court system claims trying to help people get back into society, on one hand i agree depending on the crime and so forth. But this type of crime UNACCEPTABL + 293 more characters
We have tried for years to build a skatepark, matter of fact a few years back there was donation jars everywere. an account at stockman bank that people donated money into. WHAT HAPPEN TO ALL THAT? + 270 more characters
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