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Herman Schadler lived two miles down the creek from our ranch home north of Cohagen. The last time I saw him was several years ago in Missoula, MT. His step-daughter Georgia lived in Missoula also at + 352 more characters
It is my opinion that Miles City has some of the most stupid speed zones, four way stops and other ancient laws that waste money for signs and make law breakers out of too many drivers. Ted Schmidt
Josh, I'm sorry that you damaged your car, but in my opinion you must try using some common sense with your driving. Too many people think that the city/county/state/federal governments should be ther + 94 more characters
In my opinion, it is you that is unbalanced, but then, that is only MY OPINION. Ted Schmidt Please note I use my real name
I for one do not think Richard's post is false. I have done some intensive probing into the same message I received a couple of days ago and have found no evidence of any falsehoods in it. If anyone f + 339 more characters
A couple of my favorites and some trivia I have heard about from older country DJs. The Prisoners Song and When the Works all Done This Fall by Vernon Dalhart in the 1920s. The Prisoners Song was + 476 more characters
RE: WGN 13 years ago
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Someone with DirecTV or Dish will have WGN if that is part of their subscription. Ted Schmidt
Yes Howdy, we all have at least one opinion about something and some have several as seen by the posts on this forum. Aren't we lucky that we can change our minds when the need arises? :>) Some of + 84 more characters
Gunnar, in my opinion the nut jobs are not in Miles City. Of course there are a lot of them here yet, but many have left. I also think this forum has slipped a lot in the past few months. There seems + 78 more characters
Pete. don't you remember, common sense has been gone for quite a few years now!! Ted S. (just a little kidding around)
If memory serves me correctly in the mid to late 1940s the upstairs at the Ranger Riders was known as the Range Riders Lounge and they had a great restaraunt up there. It was a great place at the time + 95 more characters
I know I'm getting to that old age time of life where I don't remember things too well that happened in the latter years of my life, but as I recall when Schweitzer was here one time and looked at the + 290 more characters
Yes, I recall Mac Davis singing that song back in the 70-80 era. I may even have a recording of that in some form or other,record, tape, etc. Can't recall the exact wording though. Must have something + 28 more characters
I am certain endurance ride from Hell Creek to Miles City was held in 1948. Hell Creek State Park is located about 26 miles north of Jordan in Garfield County. The previous summer an endurance ride wa + 504 more characters
Looks like we have a bunch of drunks running this country? This is nothing new. they have been there for years. Ted Schmidt
There is a lot of history in those houses. I understand that during the depression years they kept the town of Miles City alive. Too much to tell on this open forum. Ted Schmidt
There is a lot of history in those houses. I understand that during the depression years they kept the town of Miles City alive. Too much to tell on this open forum. Ted Schmidt
During World War 2 there were many War Bond Drives held in the towns around here and the amount of sales gave the area the right to have a ship, tank, airplane,etc. named after the town. Perhaps this + 44 more characters
Hal,William S., as I am not a politician nor speaker, I find it a bit hard to get my thoughts across in the way I actually feel. I meant no offense to Bill or any other color, race, or creed. The word + 439 more characters
Back in the 1930s to 1950s era there was an African-American that worked at Ed Love's Ford here in Miles City. He was fondly known as "nigger" Bill. I believe his last name was Connor or something sim + 961 more characters
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