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Frank kicked us out alot,because of our age.Did get to see Johnny Regan's Band in Grants,during BHS.
Niedgefest Too!Live music in the park!
Jason,Please give me a call.406-852-0727.
Sounds like fun!See ya there!
Hello Tim Wagoner.Are you still working on laptops?If so please call me at 852-0727.Thanks,Dave
Contractors Beware of Emmanuel Episcopal Church(Sharon & Doug)Get it in writing,when dealing with these two!
So many people take pride,and work very hard to keep our community looking nice.They have a "Yard of the Week".Maybe there should be a "Dump of the Month".
He approached me,to trade several of my items,that he received,for some old truck parts.When going to get truck parts,he said that he sold the truck to someone else.I ended up taking my items back,aft + 22 more characters
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Beware of Ervin Laib!His word is NO good.
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