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What's happening around Miles City to ring in the new year?
Regardless of what people are saying.... I'm incredibly interested!!! I've been searching for raw milk since moving here from western montana. It was so much easier to get there! I make delicious chee + 40 more characters
Are there still tickets? I tried to buy tickets online but they are no longer available. I'd be incredibly bummed if they were sold out. We just found out about the event!
Being fairly new to town, we are trying to get info on local sports for our kids ages 9 and 10. Our son (10) has always wrestled and we are wanting to know about the wrestling program here. Any info w + 13 more characters
I understand the school district distribution, we are simply looking at what area of Miles City we'd like to live in and schools always play a factor in our decision. Just trying to weight in whats be + 103 more characters
I would love to hear people's experiences with the different elementary schools in the area. Good and bad experiences are always helpful. Just curious! Thanks
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