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I read an article today that confirmed the body to be that of Sherry's. Many prayers to the family!
A sign "no dogs allowed" will not keep some out... (not even talking about strays) My children and I frequented Wibaux park this summer and seen several dogs on leashes or with owners throughout the p + 146 more characters
I agree rental prices are high, but that is out of our control. We moved here in July and had an extremely hard time finding anything to rent. We (family of 5) started out in a 1 bedroom house, and we + 894 more characters
So Very sad. I heard about this earlier... We are currently renting from Chad. Prayers go out to their families.
I only know of Vandie Buckingham at little buckaroos daycare. Not sure if she has any openings though.. I'm also a sahm (of 3 little boys) and would be interested in a play group...
I agree! My kids had a blast even though it was very warm out. Thank you!!
Kinda sucks that it expired last april...?
I wish there was a "like" button on here!
So What age can they start soccer? Do they have anything for little guys, age 4?
I've heard there is a pool at the koa campgrounds... Can public use this?
I have been told this is a must read, also! And I'd say, too!
I Was using them before we moved here, but have stopped for awhile until we can find a bigger house with a washer and dryer. I don't care to go to the laundromat everyday. I use bg 3.0's and GroVia- a + 29 more characters
I'm cracking up reading this post!
Also, we get general delivery at our place...
I overheard the postmaster talking about a week ago when I was in... He said they will probably never go back to that building and also joked that he would take a match downstairs to search and make s + 22 more characters
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