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Thank you Bob, I hope so too
But since I am here I will mention that probably most people read the article about our donkeys being shot and killed and if anyone hears anything, please let us or the brand inspectors know. I would + 143 more characters
I was wondering what Trump has to do with our donkeys being killed?
and he is back home now
He has no collar, but looks well cared for...can sit and shake hands, looks like a black lab, Australian cross maybe. Been hanging in the alleyway behind north cottage grove, near railcar. Anyone know + 130 more characters
You mistake me, I'm not here to argue with you on your beliefs against mine, that's free choice. It was an honest question. I try to be open minded, realize that as a human, I certainly don't have all + 435 more characters
I've been reading all the comments, all intelligently worded and mostly in favor of there not being a Creator in our Universe...and I was just wondering this one thing- What if you are wrong?
Cancer support meeting is tonight in rm 1 at 7pm at the Holy Rosary Hospital...March 14, 2014
Support group meeting is tomorrow night, Feb. 14th at 7pm at the Holy Rosary Hospital in rm 1
We changed the meeting night to Friday nights in hopes that it will be easier for people to come. Our first Friday night meeting is tomorrow night at 7pm in rm 1 at the Holy Rosary Hospital.
Just a reminder, we hsve a meeting tonight at 7pm in rm 3 at the Holy Rosary Hospital
Hi Union Hall and so sorry I did not see this before..I usually come on every two weekss and repost...guess I will start checking more often. Our next meeting is December 30th at 7pm on Monday at the + 575 more characters
Meeting is tonight at the Holy rosary Hospital in rm 3 at 7pm
I was unaware of the 30 day thing, will pay more attention now Thank you for letting me know.
I would like to know what the "rules" are for classified ads, mine seem to disappear a bit. Is there a rule I should be following?
We have another meeting tomorrow night, Nov. 18th at the Holy Rosary Hospital in rm 1 Would like to mention that we also have a facebook page.
Cancer support group meeting tonight in rm 3 at 7pm at the Holy Rosary Hospital. Would love to see a good turnout to help get this group rolling. I think there is a real need for a group like this.
Cancer support meeting tonight at 7pm at the Holy Rosary Hospital in rm. 3
Support group meeting tonight at 7pm at the Holy Rosary Hospital in rm 3 at 7pm
We have a meeting tonight at 7pm in rm 3 at the Holy Rosary Hospital. Feel free to stop by
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all offers considered
Ranch items for sale 15 days ago
7ft iron tamping/pry bar - $70.00 HB Brand green gate 5ftx5ft - $90.00 Call 406 981-1209 for more info. Both in great shape
RE: Ammo 16 days ago
RE: Ammo 16 days ago
Tools for sale 16 days ago
2" used ball hitch $5.00 Heavy post hole pounder $50.00 24" heavy duty pipe wrench $50.00 Total Tagger gun $20.00 Older Fence stretcher $50.00 Call 981-1209 if interested
RE: Two Man Auger... 18 days ago
The Auger blade is three feet long and the auger is 5.5 HP Diane Blanchard Emeney ยท Two man Auger for sale in excellent condition. $350.00 or best offer. You can message me on Facebook if interested + 79 more characters
RE: Ammo 20 days ago
Elliptical machine 20 days ago
Older type but good for workout. $20.00. call 406 981-1209 if interested.
Two Man Auger... 20 days ago
Excellent condition. 5 HP. Price is $350. Located in Miles City. Call 406 981-1209
Ammo 20 days ago
8 boxes 12 gauge buckshot. $6.oo a box, 2 and a partial box 25-06 bullets..$7.00 a box for full box, 3.50 for partial. 14 243 Winchester bullets loose-3.00. 1 43ct HMR bullets 4.00. Call 406-981-1209 + 15 more characters