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2012 MT Champions- Steer Wrestling School March 22,23,24,25 Don Harrington Indoor Arena, Dillon MT Start time is 9:30 a.m. Daily awards for improvement, effort, and coachability $350 with or without y + 358 more characters
Yes! I have 5 and they are still producing eggs, even though it's winter. I am moving and gave them to my neighbor but they were great while I had them. Just to hard to travel with, so can't be moved + 173 more characters
If your new to the area, here is some data from the extension services....it gives you somewhat of a time line for freeze/thaw by county~ http://www.mtmastergardener.org/oldGG/mtclimate.asp Miles City + 129 more characters
We have some positions opening with the community garden committee, the work is limited but need to have some in place to decide on changes, enforce rules, and make sure the community garden is an eff + 540 more characters
Cow Capital Beef Day Friday, January 6, 2012 Eagles - Miles City The Extension Services of Carter, Custer, Fallon, Field, Prairie and Rosebud Counties are hosting the 12th annual Cow Capital Beef Day. + 1023 more characters
Yes, I was surprised as well because it is usually a 4-7 day event! I believe they give you tools and it's just a summary of what you could gain from the longer version. If your interested call the ge + 111 more characters
With Dave Pratt of Ranch Management Consultants, Inc. Putting profit back into ranching, one business at a time. 1. Learn the three "secrets" for increasing profit 2. Learn how to use production, econ + 471 more characters
Can food items be donated to the soup kitchen? Such as garden produce that is grown in the 2011 season and is there a need for it? Thanks
Travis Jones is no longer serving, he said thanks for putting them up, and it is very thoughtful~
Sarah~ Thank you so much....just the connection I needed! I spoke with Joyce at Rocks and they do not feel that they can spare 3 hours a week for the proposed gardening program commitment. From looki + 356 more characters
Just a reminder that we are hoping to close the plot sign up on May 1st, so hurry and get your plots spoken for...as of April 28th we have about 40 plots committed for and more for the sign-up. If the + 341 more characters
Jade- I am certified and would love to start a class up this summer; starting June....I would love to share the spotlight with someone that is experienced! I am planning for a youth hour and then an o + 121 more characters
I am looking for a daycare or after school program that would be interested in receiving a garden plot that would be maintained by the children during the 2011 summer. They would need to commit to 2 d + 347 more characters
Walk for You! 12 years ago
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Custer County Extension Office and the Miles City Active Living Task Force is sponsoring 2 walking groups! One group will meet in front of Holy Rosary Healthcare Clinic entrance at 5:15 p.m. on Monday + 341 more characters
What: Prairie Dog and Gopher Extermination When: April 29, 2011 at 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Where: Fort Keogh, Miles City Montana Who: Greg Waldie Greg Waldie saw the Pressurized Exhaust Rodent Contol machine + 635 more characters
Just a reminder that this is tonight~ call the extension office with any comments or questions.
Thank you for answering the questions stated, I was away this weekend with 4-H livestock Judger's (which represented Miles City very well with judging ability and behavior). I had one state, while wea + 646 more characters
Title: Moving from Production to Profit in Ranching Where: M.C.C. Livestock Yards When: March 24th, 1:00 p.m. What: Farmers and ranchers in North America are more productive than ever before - but it + 1129 more characters
No sorry I do not have that technology available to me, but look for it in the future. I have jotted it down, for when it is taken to the next step! The only thing I have available in that area are 5 + 45 more characters
Any Interest: I am trying to develop a needs assessment for a program that I am planning on developing and presenting here in Custer County. Facebook is a free tool on the web that can be utilized to + 1135 more characters
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