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The owner called and the dog has been returned.
call 852-1003
Brian- That last sentence was perfect.
Wow, that dog is massive.
Yesterday i saw a police officer walking so i decided to ask him about this. He said, "In my professional opinion- bullshit."
There was a white one cruising around town the other day, it came out of the guesthouse inn parking lot so he was probably just passing through. They're really neat
I got carded trying to buy spray paint for my windshield cowl the other day, so they already don't sell to minors.
I heard there was one running across the golf course on friday
Josh- A contradiction is an albino lifeguard. Or a Scottish Korean man. Wow, I'm craving a Starburst...
Reno- Come on man. You will try better? Now you have grammer and spelling issues. You let me down son
That's too bad. You'll have to close your windows so the wind and rain doesn't get in your bedroom. lol
Lol Nate, i think Tiger is waiting for you in your bed.
Yeah, seriously. This thread is now known as the "chatter about driving/biking while on the phone" thread.
uhh yeah. I'm sure he is getting punished in full. Can you just not leave him alone right now?
Well Bobby is going to be pissed when he can't listen to his scanner on his bike.
Me too. I wonder if that ban includes texting while riding a bike?
Yeah, didn't really look like you were paying attention though haha, it's okay this time, but don't let it happen again.
Hey nate, you just got SERVED!!!! Oh and Josh, i waved at you today and you didn't wave back. What is that all about?
Hey Reno, maybe you should use spell check before you comment on Nate's grammer, because I see a small error in your post!!!! Teehee!!
Ryan: Ya if you shook your head at the driver, it was me. haha
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