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Story corp on Nation Public Radio
As far as I know there are school buses for Miles City and the surrounding areas and there is the R.O.C.K.S. after school program that has it's own bus and picks up the students at the schools, takes + 157 more characters
I was very wrong, as as was at the fair grounds for the Ram sale I reminded myself the MCC is just using that arena until they can build their own near by sorry for giving wrong info. was in a hurry a + 50 more characters
if it behind BLM that is the MCC rodeo arena, if it is behind the Range Riders museum it is Horseman Park.
A gift shop, art gallery and breakfast lunch counter on the back side facing the high school. owner Bobby & Sharah Baker.
For most of the Improvements at Spotted Eagle a big Thank You must go out to the local Walleyes Unlimited group. They have put a lot of money and effort out there and have plans for more to come. Also + 120 more characters
What time does it start?
The lighting was good at one point today and I got a good look at the dark area in the nest. It was a baby duck rather dead with his head down but still surrounded by dark but I could see the bill, ey + 81 more characters
yes it is on Saturday the 11th.
I strongly suspect that what is going on, veiled by gun rights rhetoric, is that many ranchers use, by leasing, government lands and they are hoping if it is taken over by the state they fell they may + 230 more characters
auditions are tonight 6-7 2-19 in the library and tomorrow 2-20 6-7 also in the library.
I think Sunday Dec. 28 is the only public skating day but that is from an early schedule and they have to make changes as the hockey season goes on so I could be very wrong.
I say not only the politicians but also the board members of all corporations that get government money.
No, the editors job is to determine what goes in the paper and how it is laid out. Along with over seeing what the other employees are doing, most editors take on layout for opinion and front page.
Alleged does not work wonders in a civil suit they are determined more on the emotions of the jury members then on the letter of the law. Alleged can stop or effect legal actions by officers the court + 339 more characters
And many many complaints and threats were as a result.
Something people looking for gossip forget that this is a time of highest personal rights. Many many law suits have been litigated by people mentioned in these reports because they feel info not adjud + 143 more characters
The trouble with the NRA, and the liberals that want national gun regs., Is they draw one unchanging line in the sand for the whole nation. There is no way the small population and large area of Monta + 580 more characters
Good meet the candidate, lots of nice conversations all around the coffee shop. besides some nice photos I also got a great cup of coffee. Thats my idea of starting a day off right.
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