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Hi Brian, I appreciate that you keep stats on the Cowboys. I'm Matthew's Mom, and it's fun to see what he and all the boys have accomplished. Thank you!
It's all about the nostalgia. Are there any Canadian Bacon and Sauerkraut pizza lovers out there? I feel bloated and sleepy (in a good way) just thinking about it. My husband made me a really good piz + 132 more characters
Hi Scott, So sorry to hear of your brother's passing. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Kim Blunt
I got one in the mail too, Curt, but dang it! I threw it away, so I won't be able to help you complete your lovely table setting. Oh wait! It just flew out of the garbage and sailed past my head. A do + 80 more characters
Here's a classic. Growing up on a farm in ND, I used to stay up late on Saturday night to watch Midnight Special with my sister on our only TV channel. The first time I heard this one, I felt like I h + 145 more characters
I read the book in college. I remember I loved how Pirsig described the landscape. I also remember thinking, at the time, that some of it felt pretentious. If I read it now, me thinks it might give me + 104 more characters
I'm a big fan of freelance preschool and kindergarten; kids lying in the grass, day-dreaming about clouds and sky, then rolling over and finding a bug to bug, then making a variety of mud pies to "sel + 535 more characters
I knew Curt when he was in Barn Players...we had a LOT of fun doing those productions, didn't we Curt? You and your considerable artistic talents are missed in Miles City!
Levi, I considered your statement, "I don't blame greed though, greed is to be expected". If I'm understanding you correctly, your assertion implies that we have no choice, that we shouldn't even try + 701 more characters
I took our daughter to see a physician when she was sick recently, and after examining her, the physician said he'd like to "take a look at her lungs and sinuses." I assumed that meant x-rays. I walke + 3198 more characters
I also posted this message on the "Did the pool open?" thread. It probably doesn't technically belong in either one, but I'm not on the site enough to know how to start a new thread. I want to extend + 323 more characters
Speaking of the Oasis, I want to extend a public "thank you" to Ragna Bartholomew, for the wonderful job she has done helping our eight-year-old son conquer his acute fear of water. Last summer, he co + 162 more characters
Johnnie, I am crazy about photos of hands and skies full of weather. I have started taking photos of all my relatives' hands, in action and in repose. I am not a professional by any stretch of the ima + 375 more characters
My understanding is that this is falsely attributed to Robin Williams.
No, I'm referring to the article, "Mayor's budget veto attempt overridden".
I'm not big on these little emoticon things to express oneself, but since I'm speechless, ! (this one means "eek"). It's appalling.
Perhaps I am simply simple. John Doe OWNS an restaurant where he does not allow smoking. Jane Doe OWNS an restaurant where smoking is allowed. Okay, now let's pretend my non-smoking spouse and I want + 412 more characters
Amen, Johnnie. I couldn't agree more with your comments about the festivities yesterday. Thanks to all the organizers and workers. I'd also like to add my thanks to you, for sharing history with us. Y + 370 more characters
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