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My 3 girls would love it!
Thank you both so much. I will definitely call and ask. And go to the widow. I appreciate the help.
Getting involved would be the point of me asking. But being new to the area I don't know where to start. Since the only 2 responses I got on here weren't helpful I guess I'll look elsewhere for how to + 16 more characters
Last year was my first 4th of July here in Miles City and I had to work. This year I have off! So what activities are there to do? Parades? Anything besides the fireworks show in the evening?
I have inquired about this. Just so you know, it does cost $100 for the required judging class you have to take.
We've been there repeatedly. Like someone else said, it's not fast food. My 3 girls, ages 9, 9, and 6 seem to be able to handle the wait just fine. We've only ever had a problem with our food once. No + 561 more characters
My husband previously worked at Pine Hills (he quit a couple of months ago), they are definitely doing this. There was a kid who worked at Gallaghers as well. He thinks the couselors there might have + 45 more characters
Thanks so much. I can't wait to take my kids to explore!
I will stop by the Star and get that. Where is Strawberry Butte? I had heard of it from someone at work, but they didn't know exactly how to get there. Friend of a friend type of thing. Thanks!
Day trips? 10 years ago
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Looking for someplace to take my girls that can be a day trip. I don't want something super expensive. They love going for hikes. Since we're new to Montana we'd love some suggestions on fun places to + 318 more characters
If they are not set up or trained for an obese person they can refuse to care for them, that is my understanding. Medicare doesn't pay for a hoyer lift, which is required to move/turn someone who is o + 180 more characters
I am new to town and possible interested in coming to this event. Where is the MCC Centra? Thanks.
I agree a phone call should be made. But I personally would never have waited half an hour to go in and ask where my child was.
When are city council meetings? And where?
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