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Is there going to be a 4th of July parade? Has the County Fair been cancelled?
BHS Parade 4 years ago
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Is the parade a go for today?
Sometimes checks get lost via snail mail or delayed in transit. Check out Community First Federal Credit Union. You can get free checking account with no fees charged. Direct deposit checks are availa + 303 more characters
Sometimes a raw agate looks a little like a potato lying around. Look for rocks with eyes. Other times they might have a whitish covering on the outside. Turn over a lot of rocks and look at them care + 127 more characters
I was in Mr. Dismukes geometry class at Dinuba, Ca. He was in the middle of a lecture, got a message from the office on his intercom. He went over and closed the windows of our second story classroom + 322 more characters
Hope to see a lot of people out there for this very needed and important cause.
Was in the Air Force stationed at Malmstrom AFB in 1967 and tracked unknown craft on radar. We were told afterwards that it was just ground clutter and not to discuss it with anyone outside of work. + 442 more characters
Scammers 10 years ago
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Just to let everyone know that there seems to be a new telephone scam out there. Received a call from a person claiming to be with the Social Security Administration. Foreign accent and barely spoke + 764 more characters
It will never happen, but the best solution would be to have a flat rate tax, say 2 or 3%. Everyone pays the 2 or 3%, no deductions for anything, capital gains and dividends taxed as income. This wou + 261 more characters
I suggest everyone check the link Richard provided and check what the actual provisions of the new Health Care Law (Obamacare) and the Afforadable Health Care Law says. There is a lot of mis-informati + 133 more characters
As for SS, each individual has their own account set up and that information is available from Social Security. Your SS payout will be there for you when you reach the proper age. If nothing is done w + 430 more characters
Don`t forget to say hi to all Veteran`s and give them a warm fuzzy and big thank you today.
Despite who his elders are, probably a good idea for the Tea and Repub Parties to push him to the front of the line as he would help them garner maybe half of the Hispanic vote. Could be an interestin + 15 more characters
I suspect we will not see the GOP and Tea parties even try to make a deal. They will block all attempts to help get the Country on the right track and will then try to put all the blame on President O + 265 more characters
I have not had to go through having cancer, but have had a couple of family members that I supported through their cancers. I also treated and knew a lot of patients through the years with cancer. If + 33 more characters
Thanks Jess. Us old farts will take all the comments like yours that we can get.
Holy Rosary Hospital might a good source to check. I know they let groups use their rooms to meet in.
Maybe the White Knight Party LOL
All it means is that the voters have spoken.
Thanks for passing along those inspirational words JIMBO. I agree they are some of the best words I have read all week if not month. As I said on another post today: Back in the mid 60`s when I volunt + 384 more characters
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