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yea a good dog park would help that way everyone would stop bringing them down to the koa thinking its a poop and not pickup place
go to the Iron horse the food is great
Long john silvers
Mines download 5.51mb and upload 0.72 dont know if its good or bad
call pat the yardman at 406-234-8224 he does about anything and does a good job
bad place to be thats why its so cheap lots of snow bad roads expensive to get services
where is the arrons rents going???????
we eat there quite often and send alot of our guests there and its one of the best places in town everyone we sent said it was one of the best meals they have had which i agree. Patric and his wife do + 202 more characters
kiwi pete he does our trees every year does a great job his # is232-7029
do you know his phone number?
does anyone know anything about older harley battery golf carts? mine has a problem with going into 3rd and 4th any real advise on what to check or what to do the batteries are fine
you think your street is bad come watch the speeders run down the dike rd at 50 or so on dirt
Im with Chad like that one need it for walmart parking lot lol
I have seen alot of subway comercials latly and they talk about Jared but they dont show him anymore wonder why? He must have ganed weight and they cant show him on tv is my thought
if you have gps most of them will tell you to make a left in the middle of the bridge because the dyke rd is actually yellow stone rd
I think they should do away with anything under a quarter also but then they couldnt advertise 1.99 or .99 to make you think your not paying quite a dollar
I like the new looks but wasnt it a few years back they were consdering doing away with the penny because it cost to much to make
to start im not a racest i didnt say that is what i believe there are just to many groups such as the klan,white supremicists,and such that are not going to like a black/white president. Im from the m + 415 more characters
[deleted - duplicate]
HP here and wouldnt trade it for a dell for anything know a frw who have dell and mac and have nothing but problems
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