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Steve, In paragraph 4 I believe you meant Lehman, not Morgan Stanley. There's some truth to the addage "The bigger they are, the harder they fall". If they fall flat on their face (and their stockhold + 450 more characters
Super G, Sleep tight and don't let the gigi's bite.
Tuck and Glenns Earthship Rises from below the ground Natures fuel and cool
Nice job Larry. Instead of volunteering someone else you volunteered yourself!
If I had to rate hazards on the interstate I would rate motorcycles going well over 100 mph way above Special Olympic Torch Runs. Try the Bonneville salt flats for the macho ego trips.
If your question remains unanswered come election time the voters will figure it out.
I've listened both times Joe Whalen has been interviewed on Yellowstone Public Radio (NPR). The first before he was our Mayor and tonight as our Mayor. The underlying themes he discussed in the first + 486 more characters
What distresses me is that we elect public officials to handle issues such as this and they decide to stonewall the process of good faith negotiation. Allowing this situation to drag on as long as it + 497 more characters
We have eaten at Brewsters several times and been completely satisfied with the food and the service. The staff are friendly and attentive. Their training is evident. We are not coffee drinkers so hav + 285 more characters
There is a fine resource in our community of Miles City for health care options. The Custer County Community Health Center is in part Federally funded and provides primary care to anyone at reasonable + 158 more characters
We have a great Webmaster, Larry, who provides this site free of charge. I would like to thank Larry for all he does for I hope you will share your appreciation with him as well.
I have job openings in my business. If you wish to inquire call me at 406-234-4461
Manning Roofing, Larry Manning, did our roof and we were satisfied. 406-232-5529. For any roofer be sure they have CURRENT workers compensation insurance. You can call the State to verify.
Johnnie and Bobbi, What great enthusiasm! I love Bobbi's quote "I love a parade" Everyone loves a parade so come join ours. This is a parade of participation. You can join in. Bring your children, sig + 427 more characters
Eric: On June 9th you posted on this thread "We seriousely need to diffuse this issue a little bit and just play ball!" On June 12th your post alludes to fascist behavior by our city government. On Ju + 217 more characters
I recently acquired a Suburu from my son who lives in western Mt. I'll need service one day and would appreciate any recommendations on service providers in Miles City with Suburu experience.Positive + 31 more characters
Regarding the question of scanning yearbook pages the preferred resolution for website video display can be lower than for output printing. A 72 dpi resolution photo will display ok but won't download + 412 more characters
Last years performances by this group were fantantic. What a treat for Miles City. Be sure to work them into your weekend schedule.
Here's a final reminder... A thought provoking presentation on Climate Change/Global Warming... TUESDAY, APRIL 3, 2007 AT 7:00 PM IN ROOM 106 AT MCC No Charge No Charge No Charge No Charge + 141 more characters
Try Miles City Saddlery at 406-232-2512
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