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I know Rubber Rolling plans to use the building on Main Street for warehousing their tires and such.
They took it down last Tuesday afternoon. Not sure why tho.
It was right in the middle of Dave Thompson's Christmas trees that he had set up.
What is the cost of shells for Club Members?
There is a Job fair at MCCAIN April 14th.
I heard from a couple of people that their employees walked out on them because they had to work on Christmas and nobody was getting it off. But I can't back that up with any factual evidence.
All I saw being released right now is that there was a death that is being investagated. Doesn't say what kind of death. [Edited by Steven Dey (9/11/2015 4:44:05 PM)]
My friend wants to know who can put a Remote start in a Dodge Ram? Have all the things just need it put in. Don't want to pay an arm and a leg. He has been trying Silva's since last winter but that ha + 39 more characters
Can you post the results? Please and Thank you!
When the Skate Park designers are in Baker in a few weeks, I will talk to them about a skate park here in Miles. And ask how much space and money we would need for a decent skate park.
Baker is also getting a skate park, I believe they are starting on it in the next few weeks.
I am going to guess this Saturday as in the 3rd.
Does anybody know when the Dollar Tree is supposed to open up for business? Thanks!
You can maybe try hughes net? It's satellite internet!
I am happy for him!
You are welcome!
I believe Ace can do it!
I believe it's at Spotted Eagle! On the right side! But I am not one hundred percent sure!
I love folf! It is sooo much fun! I could play it for hours on end!!! If there is anything I could do to help let me know!!!!
What time does this start?
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