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No, the Mavericks have not given a reason to the Outlaws as to why they will not play a game or series against them. The person I confirmed this with said " No, not to my knowledge. ". Great question + 7 more characters
Well said Ms Dalbec! And congrats to your grandson! Enjoy the next level of his baseball career! Let's keep the kids playing baseball at levels.
When I posted that the Mavericks are a "recreational league" and have " role players" that was definitely not a slight on any of the players. They are a good bunch of kids. Those two phrases came stra + 644 more characters
Well said Mrs M! Bravo to you! Each team does serve a very different role in our community. Each team deserves respect and support from our hometown. One, the Outlaws, is for baseball players that wis + 252 more characters
So happy for your son, Tara. Here is to a bright future for him! Not sure why anyone would give your comment a "thumbs down". It is much easier to take the high road.
Mr Masa, I apologize. I must have misunderstood when you asked why there were two teams in Miles City. Here is what I posted earlier to answer your most recent question as to why the two high school a + 614 more characters
Mr Masa, This is a tough place to go into much detail but the idea started with a minors team that won the city league championship back in 2002 ( may have been 2001). Those kids wanted more. They wa + 1554 more characters
Amorette, That is EXACTLY what I am talking about. I am not sure where you get your FACTS on the history of the Mavericks OR the Outlaws. I can guarantee you, the Outlaws were not started due to "pers + 162 more characters
jah, Isn't about bats and never was! That's the first thing that needs to be said. Secondly, Outlaws have tried numerous times to play the Mavericks but they will not oblige. Mavericks have even withd + 232 more characters
Yankees picked up a great young LHP from Miles City in 2012 named Caleb Frare straight out of CCDHS. After being injured for 2013 and 2014. Caleb Frare is still thriving in the Yankees organization.
This is all very intriguing. So many options. So there is a plan in place to have different "levels" of Cal Ripken in Miles City? Who would run that? Where would the different size fields be? Can we j + 128 more characters
Thanks! Not to take anything away, but why not play the 70 foot base baseball? That makes more sense than playing with just 4 teams. If they are 12 years olds now, next year they move up to 90 feet an + 118 more characters
Congratulations to those young men! Why did a "State" tournament only have 4 teams?
Caleb Frare has been promoted to the Charleston RiverDogs by the NY Yankees. Pitching well I hear. Have to look online. Can't find anything in the Star. Congratulations to the local young man!
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No charge to get into the games. Just go and enjoy!
I posted under a different discussion but no response. Any news on Caleb Frare who was drafted by NY Yankees this year? Nothing in Miles City star or anywhere that I can find. Just curious.
Any updates on Caleb Frare with the NY Yankees? I have heard he is doing well. One would think the MC Star would update on a Miles City native in the MiLB......what a great accomplishment. Best of luc + 3 more characters
What a great accomplishment for these fantastic baseball players! They were playing against the best baseball players in the Northwest region. Great job boys!! You made Miles City proud! And you also + 24 more characters
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