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I was at the cowboy belgrade game and belgrade really didn't impress me, although they did beat the cowboys. it was a closer game than what the final score ended up. Belgrade has one player that stood + 101 more characters
I can't beleive they let that game slip away! two plays cost them the win.. letting the punt go by to the 11 and the fumble! OMG. Miles city owned B.C. by the sound of it. BC couldn't do anything! T + 44 more characters
just a coinky dink huh? hmmmm
No reason why miles city should not be in the top tier in "A" every year in state if they hadnt split.
all i have to say is that it is a terrible terrible thing to have split up the program in miles. saddens me as a former player.
What a shame that we now have two teams. so sad. splitting the talent pool, not good at all. Are there two different little leagues? two babe ruth programs? How about two softball leagues? amazing.
Is there any more baseball in miles city? I never see any posts. I see articles on glendive, lewistown. havre. etc. bit nothing on miles? Is it still split down there?
Don't leave out my dad jeff, he spent many years in that program, built the press box, ran the program for many years and dad was the one who went to bill newhouse with an idea to start a multi state + 262 more characters
Dad passed away on feb. 2. He was a hard working and great dad.
Alot of the premium cable channels have great series. "BIG LOVE" " BOARDWALK EMPIRE" " DEXTER " " CALIFORNICATION" " UNITED STATES OF TARA" " SPARTACUS" " SHAMELESS" " WEEDS" " THE TUDORS" " DEADWOO + 28 more characters
I know wendy she is my rep. i wish she wasn't. she seems like a nice gal, but i'm affraid the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I know her father well and he has some very crazy out there beliefs + 69 more characters
Mickey deees
OH god here we go again. didn't a pitcher from the pro's get hit in the head just last week by a batted ball from a WOODEN BAT?
stop with all your fancy beers..just give me a BUD!
when i was in high school dragging main definatley was the thing to do. Meeting girls, etc. there were really no Xboxes, Wii's, or any of that kind of thing to do. There was the movies, corner pockets + 200 more characters
yep, it's very clear. steve is a birther. Please produce your long form steve
Kate is kinda cute, but it's very clear why her husband wanted out! She is such a pain in the ass. She could drive any man crazy! she is a *&^#@! plain and simple. Oh and a terrible dancer. lol
the griz will not win the conf.
all wars are started because of religion!!!
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