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Too bad the pharmacy iy not open, but please pace around and make us feel uncomfortable who'd you wait,
Nope! Strep throat has been going around for about a month, especially in children. And the influenza virus was first spotted in MC about 2 weeks ago. It's not to late to get a flu shot, unless you've + 22 more characters
Osco has a new $3.99 for one month or $9.99 for 3 months discount plan on over 500 drugs. It costs $11.99 for a year's membership per household. It even takes $5 off a flu shot.
I was wondering about little league baseball- until I saw that the 10 year olds made regionals, there was rarely a word about any game from t-ball to babe ruth. It's really said that our local paper d + 83 more characters
What if the mayor was the tie breaker on the original vote? Doesn't that mean he already approved those items?
Collections of junk or trash can also be considered a public nuisance. Do not assume that someone else has reported an abandoned home or collection of junk. Please contact the Public Safety Committee. + 469 more characters
Congrats to the Minor teams for winning the state tournament in Glasgow today! There will be a welcome back celebration tonight at the Jaycee field at 7:00pm. Let's all give the boys and coaches a han + 2 more characters
Thanks to all the umpires, too! They don't have an easy job but are always trying their best to make the correct call. Thank you to all the parents from Broadus, Forsyth, and Baker for driving your pl + 70 more characters
Cp- I also am a doctor, and I'm not dead, nor do I lie.
Hopefully you didn't prepare infected pork or drink tainted goat milk for dinner. Hate for you to come down with slime producing flu infection in your stomach. Where, of course, the flu shot you recei + 18 more characters
Brucella causes bacterial infections, not viral. Humans become infected by having direct contact with infected animal meat, or ingestion of infected milk products. Animals that can be infected by Bruc + 1321 more characters
What if your parked vehicle rolls down a small hill and hits a neighbors car, tree, or house? Shouldn't you have insurance on that vehicle even if it is parked?
I was wondering why the two police officers that drove by Main and Montana didn't stop and direct the traffic. Only one vehicle could get through the light from Montana before it turned red. Traffic w + 241 more characters
I have personally told fellow audience members to keep their visiting until after the concert or leave. I'm appalled at how some people behave during a performance. They have no consideration for othe + 230 more characters
I suppose having anything of value in your house is fair game, too. That's just stupid to blame the victim.
My 8th grader takes lunch everyday and my 4th grader most days. I like that Mr. Gorton the principal at Lincoln eats hot lunch with the kids. He lets the chefs know if something doesn't go over. PS: I + 85 more characters
Therein lies the problem, most people are not referring to their driver's manual enough after turning 16 years of age.
south earling and comstock- there is a huge evergreen tree that you can't see around unless you pull into the street. The oncoming traffic is supposed to be be doing 15 mph, but NEVER are. This is a + 309 more characters
I remember when we were in 7th grade, Tom Letke (son of the legendary Mr. Howard Letke) got a ticket for riding his bike through a stop sign. I think all WMS bike riders were a little more careful aft + 100 more characters
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