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RE: Suicide 12 years ago
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This town is an old retirment town! The kids have nothing to do and for some reason the school system seems to not care about getting the kids excited about graduating and exploring this wonderful wor + 372 more characters
If kids had some thing else to do they might not turn to drugs, like the Skate Park and a Folf course on the South end of Riverside Park. I also agree this town needs a Park and Recreation Committee i + 58 more characters
I agree that hen chickens should be allowed,mostly in urban areas, but do make sure to exclude, Peacocks, their call will drive you crazy.
I use to live on Pearl and I followed officers several times go past lincoln and tried to catch up with them, just to see how fast they were traveling and it was close to 30 MPH, I kept behind them ev + 172 more characters
My Dad and then I, closed our Lumber Yard at 12:00 starting in the 1950's and our Lutheran church service was at 3:00. I do not remember when we stopped but, I am sure it was in the Late 80s. About th + 130 more characters
The home page says we can vote 10 times per day? Well I just did my 10 cheers and It only moved us up one vote, to 2021 Total? We are at 23rd!!
We are at 25, lets keep it going!
I am a clean Hippie from the 60's and still love to play Folf! Makoshika State Park and the old people from the Friends of Makoshika put in a very nice 18 hole course years ago. They have improved it + 238 more characters
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