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I’ll have a ‘Whiskey Ditch’. Pronto. Si Vous Plait Madam.
I remember Dibble Motors. I didn’t remember he left though. So the building became Jack’s Body Shop. If he was doing so well, I wonder why he left. What did your dad do when Dibble up and left? [Edite + 37 more characters
Come te amas?
Wow That BABY is fantastic! Makes the exorcist girl seem like a sweet angel!
Can anyone post a pic of the property. I haven't done a drive by for a few years.
Is there 1 artist or more than one?
I also remember seeing the Cheyenne in the early 60's. I feel I recall teepees west of the golf course near the river. I recall seeing the Cheyenne on Main wrapped in blankets. There was also a Cheyen + 262 more characters
I wonder how it is known he worked at an assisted care facility, yet his name is unknown....
So the gate was locked and the vandal drove through the gate....Is the park locked up every night?
How did you get a street named after you Ike?
Do you live in one of the historic mansions Amorette?
Shrimp and Bacon! That is quite the original item. I didn't know it was still on there. Last time I went I had finger steaks for the 1st time as always had pizza. They were very tasty!
My favorite pizza to order with friends when I was in high school was their shrimp pizza! I have never had a shrimp pizza anywhere else and don't know if it is still on the menu. It was so good.
Is it a sleepover?
I had Mr. Skinner for a few years and I don't remember that story. What is the basic premise of the story?
Jimmy Brown is in the back row on the right of the tall girl with the short bangs. I remember because he always told Donnie and I how we had to get Mrs. Click or 1st grade would be horrible. Later he + 140 more characters
Mr. Grovenstein also ran my study hall. I can still remember like it was yesterday and can still picture his red face. He got mad at the boy sitting behind me. Mr. G. came over and grabbed him out of + 54 more characters
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