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Not very often a photo from MC is in the top 10 for ending up in Smithsonian Mag's 10th Annual photo contest. Help the photographer out (George Burgin from Billings) by voting for the picture. url
Thanks. We'll see how it goes with the contest and hearing from the WY board of tourism. KR
Hi, I put together a short video entitled, "Adventures Abound" to enter in the "A Momentary Lapse" video contest. The sequence is based entirely on timelapse sequences and most were shot at Yellowston + 302 more characters
Great you got rain & the sheep & goats are okay!
Between the drought conditions and the fires, it is turning out to be a rough year for a lot of producers. A portion of this short video showing this immense fire may appear in a segment on wildfire o + 412 more characters
Here is something that I quickly put together showing the Ash Creek fire. The footage was shot on July 3 though the video and stats are from July 4th. url Kurt
Here is a link to a 2min movie short called Looking Back that I put together showing the creation of a pair of related pieces of art by a local artist--Mika Holtzinger (url). It consists primarily of + 492 more characters
Next project (no title yet) is in progress. It is a collaboration with a local artist and the current cut is looking very cool! Basically, it is a series of timelapses mostly of her creating works of + 183 more characters
My hats off to those putting the Bull Breeders Show together and supporting the event. Lots of helpful volunteers & great community support! Nice work. I took the day off and shot time-lapse footage o + 445 more characters
Thanks again for the supportive comments. Some exciting news! I just learned that my short film (Forests) won 1st price in one of the recent Chlorofilms' film contests (url)!!! The judging took a bit + 141 more characters
I recently learned about a relevant film contest on the Chlorofilms (url) website. So I put together a short nature documentary style movie for general consumption that is titled, Forests. Forests ca + 572 more characters
Hi, I thought that I should join the discussion so that I can share a short movie that I put together called "Visions of Nature". It includes about 20 time-lapse video sequences that I shot as part of + 240 more characters
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