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Fred Gedney?
Happy 50th to one of my favorite teachers of all times, Basil and his beautiful bride Babs. May you have many more wonderful years together. Michael and Carol Schneider
The question is, Are there any decent renters out there that take care of a house that they rent? I know there are some but how does one know which are the good ones and which ones tear your house up. + 532 more characters
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing
From what I understand, these guys do not have a license to sell in Miles City. They tried this same thing with my grand daughter and she had to call the police. They barged in to her house and even t + 130 more characters
This was a business called Valley Furniture and Antiques. I owned and operated this business and really miss it and so does my old customers.
Drug testing is required to get a job so why isn't it a requirement to obtain welfare, food stamps, or free medical? Also I know of people collecting welfare benefits and Full Disability Social Securi + 439 more characters
From what I understand, the replacement "Cellar" will be serving food, the original "Little Big Man Pizza." It will be nice to have another place downtown to have lunch.
I am a Notary and available anytime. Call 406-951-2481 and I will help you out.
John would be there to donate his time and music for anyone of us for medical reasons,so lets be supportive for him. If you know John, you would know that he is a wonderful person and has a wonderful + 62 more characters
Bill will be greatly missed by all of his neighbors. We looked forward to his little wave as we drove up to my mothers across the street. She enjoyed baking him goodies and giving him fresh produce ou + 197 more characters
Great food, good service, and wonderful new owners. I would highly recommend the Cattle-Ac if you want to dine in a great place.
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