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Maybe it was hers to begin. Or that's how repulsed she is that she can attract a fly[/quote] Someone doesn’t like a woman being in a position of power...
I’m sincerely hoping that this is what causes people to be like “yeah he’s not getting my vote”. Knowing the Trump cult that's unlikely.
Same at Walmart every day. Did people just forget about the two Custer residents who died from COVID? Guess they don’t care. Oh wait, there are Drumpf signs everywhere, that explains it.
Because he knows he’s going to lose.
Honestly if there was a more mobile friendly I would use this site waaay more. I’m sure a lot of users would too.
Another reason to not use the original Miles City Chatter .
One of the things I want to do with this group is have multiple admins/moderators for the purpose of making the group be easier to manage as well as ensure that there will be a way for people new to M + 130 more characters
After numerous failed attempts to get into Miles City Chatter, I gave up and decided to make my OWN group! The group is private this time and the general idea is the same. make sure to spread the word + 63 more characters
Good idea. I did the same with Dawson Discussion. I figure they’re both not worth my time.
The amount of people complaining about having to wear masks on Miles City Chatter (which I still can’t join because of the inactive admin) really makes me lose faith in the people there. I have the bi + 155 more characters
I too am wondering what will happen to 4B’s when the roundabout is finished.
Not sure if this is allowed or not so if it isn’t then let me know. I recently made a subreddit about Miles City after noticing the lack of communities online other than this website and the Facebook + 386 more characters
The more I see of Miles City the more I fall in love with it. Eight more weeks until I move here!
The holy pizza trinity is complete once again.
According to a comment on this post (url) Miles City is getting a Domino’s across the street from the McDonalds. Is there anything to confirm this?
Does he not realize how many people over here don’t give a shit? We need a mask requirement. Not just here, but everywhere. This whope country is doing a poor job dealing with this. I only saw ONE per + 59 more characters
I’d say Glendive is worse. A local car wash is still hosting an event with no mention of social distancing... and 83 people are interested!
This. I think it should be a requirement to wear masks in public like what California's doing. People in Eastern Montana don’t seem to think much of COVID.
The most active cases in Montana right now. Stay safe everyone (even Cnn).
I know this is two months old now but do you mind inviting me to the group? I’ve still had no luck joining. I could private message you if you’d like.
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