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Trump wants voting by mail to be abolished because he knows the majority will vote against him. Simple as that.
Trump and the protesters are a vocal minority. Wishing death upon him though is kind of fucked no matter how dumb he is. I honestly doubt that he’s taking the pill in the first place. It’s most likely + 37 more characters
Define “fake news” other than just “news criticizing the president for doing a bad job”.
Can’t wait to play this on loop as I vote for anyone but Trump .
If this doesn’t show how dangerous Trump is I don’t know what will. Someone take away his phone!
Do we need to host an intervention? lol
I dislike Trump as much as the next guy, but wishing a potentially deadly virus upon him is just wrong. Not just that, do you know how many people would be infected?
President Trump early travel ban most like saved countless thousands of lives, or did you forget that? You believe all the made up news these fake news outlets manufacture and then take it as gospel + 543 more characters
I’m new to this site so I’ll explain who I am. I’m a high school senior living in Glendive (place laugh track here) who’s planning to attend Miles Community College this fall for Graphic and Web Desig + 668 more characters
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