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Wendell Wilson will be coming to town in the next couple of weeks or so to perform any required piano tunings. Please leave your contact info here so that he may schedule with you to tune your piano. + 10 more characters
My understanding is that Main St. is a designated Highway? So in that vein, it cannot be reduced to one lane? My thought has always been (if it can be done) to reduce from 4th street to 11th or 12th s + 635 more characters
Rob, We're hitting our lease expiration season and I may be able to help you out. You can reach me at 406.690.3623 to discuss precisely what you need for your your family and when you would be needing + 26 more characters
For the love of "poo", give Goff a call. He'll take good care of you.
the one who buys/sells appliances and other things? thank you
kiwi peete 232.7029
Go Bison!!!
Is there any sort of kids menu??
Wendell Wilson comes regularly from Billings. Takes care of the college and private residences. 406.896.9398 and 406.861.5170 (cell)
Dickinson North Dakota. Small town but now growing. Phenomenal community/rec center. Paid for with memberships and taxes. We could take a cue from that endeavor.
Same experience. Went a month or so ago and they wanted to seat us where we didn't want to sit. Very insistent. We wanted to sit on the fireplace side. They didn't even want to give us an additional c + 428 more characters
Lots of "poo" talk. Sounds like a job for Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs).
I swimming pool (indoor) is a great and ambitious idea. However, it will never function on it's own as a stand-alone. It must be built as part of a fully functional and attractive (community center) t + 603 more characters
Out by the cemetery. Turn on Sunset Dr. Go over the hill and the turn will be on your left. There should be a sign there.
There are no lies there. Good stuff.
We bought a 50" Samsung plasma early this year. We are exceptionally pleased with the performance and the picture. Everyone says to get the LCD/LED now. The prices for those were easily $2000 more tha + 387 more characters
I may be able to help. You can reach me at 406.690.3623 Marc (Miles City)
What I can't believe is how many people don't even bother to slow down at the intersections with no signs. They are all over town and very vew people even bother looking when they get to the intersect + 356 more characters
RE: Regret 12 years ago
in General Discussion
Dwelling on the past is easy to do. Everyone feels they could have done better, no matter the outcome. Mistakes of the past are simply "tools" for our present and future. Regret is anti-productive and + 330 more characters
Lost dog?? 13 years ago
in General Discussion
There is a little dog running around the Aye Addition. Wearing a blue canvas collar, no tags or information. I would call it a miniature Aussie crossed with Heeler, possibly?? Grey and white, with gol + 64 more characters
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