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Nothing I hate more at work, VA, than they are going to do an update or an enhancement to the computer system. It's always way more complicated instead of easier to do whatever. I thought these damn t + 42 more characters
I have not seen anything anywhere that points out that he withdrew before any of the complaints against him were even investigated. To me that points out something was there. Being a doctor and lookin + 128 more characters
I also live in Helena. Nowadays there always seems to be some cause of the moment that everyone jumps on the band wagon. I am very liberal but I think the removal of the statues is a whitewashing of h + 463 more characters
That was after Barney arrested Gomer if I remember correctly.
The Penguin Shop Ice Cream
At least Barney Fife only had one bullet kept in his pocket.
It is a classic.
I will enjoy your posts when the Trumpster goes back on many of his promises and or has a public meltdown when he can't handle all the criticism he gets.
Little Big Man by Thomas Berger. The movie is also oone of the best about Montana.
I was in MC this past weekend at my moms and noticed the channels all start at 100 now.
What Donald Trump doesn't understand is that being president is not the same as being dictator of your own business empire. Everyone will not be ass kissing yes men ready to ask how high when he says + 685 more characters
I have been surprised at some of his votes that truly were good for Montana and not following the party line. When he threw himself on the Trump bandwagon and offered his services to be a VP candidate + 120 more characters
I know you have to be egotistical and narcisstic to run for President, but Trump trumps all. When will he and people realize that being president and running large corporations are 2 entirely differen + 572 more characters
Well put together my ass!
I think beluga caviar comes from sturgeons not whales.
A great loss. Even later admitted Okie from Muskogee was a joke and that he wrote it stoned.
Only if there are restrictions on how large an ink cartridge may be used
Nothing like a discussion on beer to bring politically opposites together. Maybe the liberals and conservatives need to get together and down a few.
To paraphrase Hermann Goering, "If you tell a lie often enough it soon becomes the truth."
This ain't no party, This ain't no disco. Warning sign! Warning sign! Warning sign!
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