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They're a really strong team. The participants in the MT State Tournament are: Missoula, Kalispell, Whitefish, Bozeman, and Glasgow ... and the Miles City Lady Generals.
Please come out this weekend (Friday, February 21 through Sunday, February 24) to the Agri Sports Complex and cheer on the Miles City Lady Generals! Six teams will be competing to win the Montana Stat + 85 more characters
Attention reunion participants! CCHS (or CCDHS) has yearbooks left over from years past. Prices range from $5.00 (1960s), to $10.00 (70's), to $15 (1980 and 1989 these are the only two years we have f + 573 more characters
CCDHS is once again hosting a scholarship night for parents and students of juniors and seniors in high school. This will happen at the high school in the auditorium, starting at 7:00 p.m. Monday nigh + 381 more characters
Ironic, but certainly not funny (which I know you didn't mean it to be).
Thank you for starting this thread! When I saw the current issue I had to check several times to see if I'd received People magazine instead of Newsweek. Too bad this mag has morphed from a weekly "ne + 387 more characters
Interesting thread. I am always glad to know if there are violent criminals/sex offenders who live in my neighborhood (around Montana, Leighton Boulevard, WMS)! As far as the Etchemendy murder goes: + 212 more characters
$1200.00 to go!! Our fundraising efforts are finally paying off. Thank you Miles City for all that you have done for us. We will proudly represent this community in San Diego! Midrivers told us that i + 125 more characters
San Diego here we (almost) come! As of this weekend the CCDHS Pep band has raised almost 90% of the funds necessary to go and play in the Holiday Bowl on December 27 in San Diego! Thanks to every on + 381 more characters
Just a reminder to all parents of high school juniors and seniors: CCDHS is hosting a scholarship night tomorrow night in the auditorium of the high school @ 7:00 pm. Mrs Ray will be presenting valuab + 485 more characters
I am pretty sure you can now download college textbooks to both the Kindle and the Nook. I heard that if you only want to read either one of the e readers is great. If, however, you want to do more th + 45 more characters
On October 11, 2010 CCDHS Juniors and Seniors (and their parents/guardians) are invited to come and be informed about scholarships. This event will take place @ CCDHS in the auditorium with Mrs. Ray ( + 508 more characters
Want a less expensive alternative to the Custer County Art Auction? Then come to the CCDHS desert and silent auction. Admittance is free, the deserts are inexpensive and yummy (all are home made!), th + 323 more characters
Pep Band @ Aaron's on South Haynes Avenue. The Pep Band will perform @ Aaron's this Saturday, September 18. Stop in for music and BBQ. All proceeds will go to the band trip to San Diego.
Homecoming Dance! The Band is putting on a Homecoming Dance on Friday Night @ the CCDHS gym! Come dance the night away AND support the band go to San Diego!
Don't know what to do after the snake dance tomorrow night? Come to Denton Field between 5:30pm and 5:45pm and buy a burger, pasta salad and a drink for $5.00! ALL proceeds will go towards the band tr + 169 more characters
More fundraisers coming your way! September 11 : BBQ (and Pep Band) in the Aaron's parking lot. September 17: Tailgate party out at Denton Field (after the snake dance); sponsored in part by the Red N + 315 more characters
You might also try and stay at the Red Rock Motel. Clean, comfy rooms. Don't know about the pet part. It's located on Valley Drive East. I agree on the Terry bit: If you're into history about this ar + 121 more characters
Update on some of the fundraisers for the band: The set up/tear down for the All 60's reunion will happen THIS weekend (at the fairgrounds). The organizing committee for the reunion has also allowed t + 1640 more characters
Thanks for the info. I'll pass it along to "the powers that be"!
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