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I'm sorry to hear this. A bright spot here - MCC students and employees have been, on the balance, very good about wearing masks and respectful of reminders to do so. I worried quite a bit before the + 116 more characters
I think I'll soon be reminded why I gave up posting over on Facebook but here goes... This kid's judgment is horrible. So is his mom's. They both need to be charged with crimes. From what I've seen, h + 417 more characters
I got all excited last night watching the RNC yesterday evening to learn that America's big cities have turned into hellscapes that everyone is leaving. Surely there must be bargains to be had in real + 1094 more characters
To cb re foggy glasses: rinse glasses in soapy water and dry them. it leaves a film that the fog doesn't cling to (but it isn't distracting). Works for me most of the time .
I wear mine when it is hard to avoid being less than 6 feet away from other people. I was about to rant but thought better of it - I do share your apparent frustration at folks acting as if the crisis + 170 more characters
I've been twice. Had spaghetti and meat sauce both times. Thumbs up. Two snaps.
"Backgammon Player!"
"Light in the Loafers"? Lord, knows I'd take anything implying I was "light" as a compliment!
...or perhaps "Confirmed Old Bachelor"...
And would it be possible for the Webmaster to make a new blocked word, automatically replacing the one Mr. Shipley used for Mueller's Second in Command with something like "friend of Dorothy"?
Worse human beings than Kellyanne Conway: Robert Mugabe, Vladimir Putin, Martin Shkreli, Franklin Graham and his equally horrid sister whose name escapes me, Mitch "Thrombose Pile" Mc Connell, Sarah H + 69 more characters
But can you really call it WOMANizing if she's only 14? I suppose if Little-Girl-izing isn't a word you can.
It is playing this week at the Montana Theater. It is about the Granite Mountain Hotshots (wildland firefighters) from Prescott, Arizona. Saw it a couple of weeks back in Missoula. Fully expected a ch + 133 more characters
Why no sidewalks? Why not a road wide enough to be driven safely at 25 mph like the rest of Stower? Been here for 8 years and always wondered. [Edited by mikeh (9/25/2017 10:19:25 AM)]
Casting the tying vote on De Vos...and now this...all within a 24 hour period. What a P.O.S.
Thanks, Bob & Oddjob. The folks who do polling for a living are looking for the sorts of things you describe - biases - and they are a real problem (in fact you don't even have to have a bias as a per + 584 more characters
Thanks for the fix...and the feedback!
Out of the lemons this election handed me (I was with her) I decided to make a little lemonade by making it a teachable moment for my online Stats class. Three videos - 25 minutes total - and despite + 162 more characters
Part II
Part III
Maybe if this is helpful, my colleague, the New Dad can work with me on something a bit more slick. [Edited by mikeh (11/9/2016 11:39:27 AM)]
...I post the following... Morning's Minion - No more non-negotiables url Also this... Days Before U.S. Election, Pope Francis Warns Against Politics of Fearurl ...not that I'm telling anyone how to + 255 more characters
Red Shale campground - about 5 or so miles West of Broadus. Not spectacular but shady, pretty and uncrowded. Buffalo Gap campground - just outside Beach ND (so yes, a few miles into ND - not in MT) - + 425 more characters
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