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I wear mine when it is hard to avoid being less than 6 feet away from other people. I was about to rant but thought better of it - I do share your apparent frustration at folks acting as if the crisis + 170 more characters
I've been twice. Had spaghetti and meat sauce both times. Thumbs up. Two snaps.
"Backgammon Player!"
"Light in the Loafers"? Lord, knows I'd take anything implying I was "light" as a compliment!
...or perhaps "Confirmed Old Bachelor"...
And would it be possible for the Webmaster to make a new blocked word, automatically replacing the one Mr. Shipley used for Mueller's Second in Command with something like "friend of Dorothy"?
Worse human beings than Kellyanne Conway: Robert Mugabe, Vladimir Putin, Martin Shkreli, Franklin Graham and his equally horrid sister whose name escapes me, Mitch "Thrombose Pile" Mc Connell, Sarah H + 69 more characters
But can you really call it WOMANizing if she's only 14? I suppose if Little-Girl-izing isn't a word you can.
It is playing this week at the Montana Theater. It is about the Granite Mountain Hotshots (wildland firefighters) from Prescott, Arizona. Saw it a couple of weeks back in Missoula. Fully expected a ch + 133 more characters
Why no sidewalks? Why not a road wide enough to be driven safely at 25 mph like the rest of Stower? Been here for 8 years and always wondered. [Edited by mikeh (9/25/2017 10:19:25 AM)]
Casting the tying vote on De Vos...and now this...all within a 24 hour period. What a P.O.S.
Thanks, Bob & Oddjob. The folks who do polling for a living are looking for the sorts of things you describe - biases - and they are a real problem (in fact you don't even have to have a bias as a per + 584 more characters
Thanks for the fix...and the feedback!
Out of the lemons this election handed me (I was with her) I decided to make a little lemonade by making it a teachable moment for my online Stats class. Three videos - 25 minutes total - and despite + 162 more characters
Part II
Part III
Maybe if this is helpful, my colleague, the New Dad can work with me on something a bit more slick. [Edited by mikeh (11/9/2016 11:39:27 AM)]
...I post the following... Morning's Minion - No more non-negotiables url Also this... Days Before U.S. Election, Pope Francis Warns Against Politics of Fearurl ...not that I'm telling anyone how to + 255 more characters
Red Shale campground - about 5 or so miles West of Broadus. Not spectacular but shady, pretty and uncrowded. Buffalo Gap campground - just outside Beach ND (so yes, a few miles into ND - not in MT) - + 425 more characters
Thanks, Wendy. Well put.
"God's Marriage = 1 Woman + 1 Man" am I the only one who didn't realize that God was married?
Speaking of which, does anyone else wanna do a gay pride float for the People Parade on the Fourth?
Sorry, you lost me after the second sentence .
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