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The vandal drove into the gate bending it. It is always locked to vehicle traffic. It is a foot traffic, bicycle, equestrian park with a nice parking area and vault bathrooms. People walk their dogs, + 30 more characters
The gate at entry was driven into and bent this weekend/past week. It busted the post. I hope it also busted the perpetrator's vehicle. To whomever did this: this is vandalism, it is a crime, and you + 532 more characters
I hope this kitties owners are looking! I think East Main will hold it for you for a couple days while the owner is found also since you are unable to accomodate with your own kitties.
Does anybody know how to block someone from posting in your forum?
Thanks Amorette!
Thank you milestowngal! I've called them so much they now say "you already called us"!!! LOL. Thought I'd try this instead of pestering them further! Thanks for the police station idea - didn't think + 101 more characters
Of course I wasn't. I am not from New York thanks. Just a Miles City gal wondering when the hell everyone got so mean around here.
Guess I don't get it. Didn't use the technical term at first cuz I don't rightly know how to spell it. But yes, clicker to me, the small town gal that can spell xylophone but has no idea how to spell + 269 more characters
Ya know, I knew someone would be so negative, almost posted it to start with. No it wasn't that or DUI. I didn't even have my car - it was parked at a friends house as it should have been, thank you f + 192 more characters
Hello all! I am hoping someone can help me find my keys! I lost them Saturday night somewhere, not sure where. They fell out of my purse sometime along the way. The way included the Trails Inn, Texas + 571 more characters
Yes, that is my big question too! Cuz they sure are! You know it when they let the falling down drunk driver continue home in the middle of the day cuz the person is too much to deal with and has no m + 643 more characters
And some college age looking students think it is funny to punk people on the south side! As a gal who is at home alone in the evenings somewhat frequently I don't really appreciate this! You kids - t + 211 more characters
No ideas for help except PETA or an out of town animal control center. I would like to add to that though. Recently a friend of mine was told by the member of a household that her father had hit their + 1369 more characters
Thanks to the skate board dude who brought my kitten to East Main safely!
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