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allenns 4 months ago
in Humor, Jokes & Games
acording to sientist allions have came to are p[lanet to smoke weed
MUGERS 6 months ago
in General Discussion
i think all of the older lades shoud pack a 50 calereber rifel mambe i shoud loan one of mine
will ya its crap but whiy do they have to have a looked gat
I feel the same I got geese that I have worked veary hard on Justin jarrett
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RE: looking for goose one month ago
I rase gees whate kind is it it like pars haset it hade a mate befor
i got hole boats loots of parts i work on boats new parts can be orderd to im a dealerer lookinng for a womon ho likkes to sit on a computer for some of the profit Justin Jarrett          14068536361 + 62 more characters