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Miles City Eagles Thank you for remembering us vets. Nov. 11, 1957 I was stationed at the 902nd AC&W otherwise known to Miles City residents as the "radar base". I hope everyone will remember that it + 97 more characters
He is correct. This was going on when I was there 57-58 but I didn't know that it had to do with S&H Green stamps. I found out about it after I went to Germany. The mess Sgt was a M/Sgt Richardson and + 673 more characters
Here is a link to MT National Guard magazine Big Sky Guardian with an article on the bombing of Miles City. Bob Wildrick url
Ron, Have you looked at I just entered Strabel, Montana, Custer County and came up with Fred who died April 17, 1932. A lady on this web site was hunting for a cemetery in Custer Count + 683 more characters
You can bet Maxie won't retire to MT. Too much money to be made in DC as a lobbyist and if he came back to MT I think there would be enough ready to do an old tar and feather job.
Mr. Thoeny, Well I am one of those "Old Farts" that was stationed at the 902nd AC&W just west of Miles City from July 57-Aug 58. I was transfered from the 902nd to the 585th Communication & Guidance S + 730 more characters
David, Probably at any given time there were 100-125 airmen, NCO's and Officers and maybe 50-75 wives. There were also civilian employees at the base. One I remember was Al Towlerton (Spelling may be + 557 more characters
Some of you may remember when another change happened to Miles City and Custer County back in 1953-54. The US Air Force came to town and how many wanted the radar base? Rents went up, some of our blac + 625 more characters
Ammorette, Another native of Miles City who leared to fly in those early years has written a book with a lot of history and pictures. Jack W. Burke A Life Aloft - From Montana Roots to Pan Am Wings
Amorettte, I was stationed there in 57-58. That is correct what the others have told you about the exit. For history, pictures etc. go to this link url On the left side of he page click on RADAR SITES + 574 more characters
I watched it and it certainly didn't show Miles City in a good light. Of course the whole show is about MT Law Enforcement so it did show Custer County and Miles Cities "finest". I did see Eric Brandt + 43 more characters
Bill, Maybe what we should do is move the whole ___ mess out of Foggy Bottom to Jordan. I'll bet we could reduce the size of the Federal Government by at laeat a half with just the announcement and wh + 69 more characters
You sure its Mid East dictators? Iheard that they might move congress out there.
So you folks out in Montana elect a man for 42 years and he doesn't read the bills he submits? He really is an Xpurt. Unknown drip under presure Bob Wildrick
How about Yuengling Lord Chesterfield Ale. Have one left and then have to get up to Pennsylvania to replenish. They only sell the Lager and Black and Tan down here in the South. They brew that stuff i + 46 more characters
Sounds like everyone else has had some of the same problems with HP I went through three of them since getting my first computer about 15 years ago. The most recent one lasted maybe five years and it + 362 more characters
You mean those things that become Rovky Mountain Oysters?
Josh, Any possibility that you could add the weather like on Bob
Guy walks into a bar. Robot bartender asks "what's your IQ?" The guy answers "Ah, Ah, Ah, I donnknow" The bartender says your name must be Robert Gibbs
My memories of the Crossroads are from 1957 & 58. I was stationed out at the radar base and some of us washed dishes for the extra bucks. It was the first place I had lobster tail, WOW! Can't get enou + 261 more characters
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