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I totally agree with you on this issue
I apologize for the facts of this website. I knew the self-appointed critics and legalists and tattletales would attack it. They prey on anyone and anything. It is simply offering a choice. If you are + 343 more characters
Thank you I saw this adn this woman on the panel salys it all the way it is!
josh i agree. it isnt as easy to do as everyone thinks.you really do not get to enjoy whatever event you photograph or film, it takes patience and diligence. i apprecite whoever is taking the initiati + 37 more characters
I think Herman Cain may be just what this country needs. A true conservative who is not afraid to use common sense level-headed ideas. And, Mr. Cain, he is black and that makes it all the better, beca + 84 more characters
please let me know what each are, ie., sex and color, may be interested in orange or one of the siamese mix
Use Tempo. used by experts safe after drying with no odor, but very potent. seems expensive until you save your garden. Says about every ten days,but the hoppers don't come back that soon after two ap + 137 more characters
I agree that most of the entries or posts on this mc.com are mean and nasty to anyone who disagrees. Why is that? And what is wrong with debating rather than totally trying to bash everyone ? Also, wh + 1203 more characters
Thank you for the truth and common sense concerning a natural occurance like rain, mud and horse slaughter, all of which need to exist for the sake of the animals themselves. Yes, it is uncomfortable + 1394 more characters
Allowing city residents to raise hens for both eggs and meat in Miles City should be a unanimous YES! Chickens are fun, productive, useful and can make pretty good pets too. I personally think you sho + 669 more characters
Thank you for the updates! very appreciated
Go online to Cowboy Showcase adn there is a section that will help you learn how to read brands or call our local brand inspectors
Thank you very much
Please tell me if you know reputable cleaners who can also have alterations and repairs in Billings or? I am going to Billings tomorrow, Friday 9/24/10 but canuse info later if I get no answer in time + 11 more characters
I too have large comforters and coats adn clothing that need semi regular service. Also would be interested in light alterations and repairs if possible. i.e. I have a down coat that needs a zipper re + 108 more characters
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