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Thanks for the update, Alex. Sorry to hear it. 😞
Well, Tucker is back in town.
Oh no, it is you. Back in town for one more round. What is wrong with you?
Unsafe at any speed.
Post office humor: url
Yes it was. The new tunnel has no view at all and no mid-downtown exits. The West Seattle Bridge is closed these days because they found some cracks in the concrete and concluded it was unsafe. That b + 358 more characters
Here's a brochure about those prismatic transom windows like the ones in the old Miles & Ulmer Implements building. The barrier to salvaging those types of things is connecting seller to buyer and als + 174 more characters
Glad you enjoyed the pictures, Dick. The Seattle waterfront is quite a bit different these days since they have taken down the Alaskan Way Viaduct. Much quieter down there in terms of the noise level + 284 more characters
We had lunch at Ivar's Fish Bar on Seattle's waterfront today and stopped at Pike Place Market to buy a gift for someone. Then we took a drive past the Seattle "CHOP" to see how things looked. The mai + 3585 more characters
Sorry to hear that about Dave. Does this mean no fireworks stand this 4th of July?
Boy, I hear you, Karen.
Well? Don't keep us hanging, Pam.
There was a New Miners Dairy, Inc. whose registered agent's address was 1539 A Street in Butte that was incorporated in 1959 and dissolved in 1985. url In the 2008 Google street view of that address t + 145 more characters
The url is reporting: Custer County should revert to Phase 1, health officials say The county health board and health officer have "strongly recommended" that for the next two weeks, "all local busine + 162 more characters
Two of the buildings that can be seen in this historic photo of Main Street, Miles City, are slated to be demolished later this month if they haven't been taken down already. The building on the NW co + 418 more characters
Coincidentally I just read your article in the April 17, 2020, edition of the url this morning. It says the airport opened in 1928.
Wow, 19 cases in Custer County now.
Gary Coffrin sent me this old post card photo of the General Miles of Miles City, Montana, airplane. Apparently it is a Laird Swallow biplane. I do not know the date of, location of, or the names of t + 327 more characters
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