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url Is this why the airspace around Billings Logan Airport was closed for a while last night/this morning? The Chinese are just looking for a certain eastern Montana rancher and his cattle.
The Led Zeppelin tribute band, url, playing at The Palace Theatre in Stamford, Connecticut (I believe this was March 5, 2022). Their bass guitarist is Eric Swanson, formerly of Miles City. Eric used t + 45 more characters
Some people might prefer a vacation in Tuscany to a cruise, Terry.
The topic of the MDU smokestack has come up on these forums a number of times and it was often wondered just exactly when the smokestack was taken down. From the October 13, 2022, Miles City Star Star + 375 more characters
Go Niners!
url By Brier Dudley / Seattle Times Free Press editor Southern Oregon is now a poster child for the local news industry’s collapse. The Medford News-Tribune, a Pulitzer-winning daily serving Oregon’s + 931 more characters
url David Horsey / Seattle Times
The government is us, Ed. You know, "of the people, by the people, for the people". Of course if you want to turn the Broadus Highway into a for-profit venture and see how much the toll turns out to b + 16 more characters
I bet many parents with kids in school think the kids get WAAAAAY too many days off from school.
Matt Gaetz just blocked McCarthy in the 14th attempt at electing a speaker of the house. They just need to do a few more ballots, because after 16, Matt Gaetz loses interest.
Matt Rodentdale.
He's a rookie. Give him time.
And make George Santos the committee chair. He is a model of Republican integrity.
Merry Christmas!
I'm sad to hear the news about plans for closing the Friendship Villa nursing home in February of 2023. That seems like a big loss for the community in terms of providing a needed service and providin + 274 more characters
Low information voters. When Stewart Rhodes and friends were convicted of seditious conspiracy, etc. I went to foxnews dot com to see how they would spin it. Several hours after the verdict they still + 30 more characters
Turkey pot pie.
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