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Trump supporters like being lied to.
"Coal, beautiful coal." -- Donald J. Trump url Probably Obama's fault.
What's more, Tom Regan, is Senator McConnell said that on February 13, 2016, which was a much longer time before Election Day than we are currently faced with. That was nearly a full year before the n + 221 more characters
It would be fun to hear the story of: How/when Doug lost his ring. How/when the finder came to have his ring.
Better dead than red! 😈
Thanks for the meeting report, Robert.
Here's a rare photo of Miles City's First Ward Schoolhouse. This school was located where Washington Middle School is located today. It was designed by architect Byron Vreeland and was constructed in + 222 more characters
That's great. My dad hit a hole-in-one on number 3 one time and I believe it was Kermit Ulrich who told me he witnessed that one. ⛳
Hey Jody, I was able to locate Doug on email. I forwarded his email to you at a yahoo.com address that I have for you from way back when. Not sure if that yahoo email address is current or not. - Dave
Most likely this Doug Klein in Palmer, TX: url
Man, the lengths some people will go to in order to get out of jury duty.
2020 28 days ago
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The Arizona State University College Republicans are raising funds for his legal defense.
Capitol Hill ain't cheap. If you ever visit Seattle, don't waste your time trying to locate the capitol building on Capitol Hill -- there isn't one. Apparently it used to be called Broadway Hill until + 911 more characters
Here is a list of Montana Democratic Party County Committees that includes email addresses for the Custer County Chair and Vice Chair: url
"Nice to see that one of my best pupils is still a giant Trump fan. Steve joined me after I won the primaries, but I loved working with him!" -- Donald J. Trump on Steve Bannon url
url Wednesday, August 21, 1974 Fairbury Residents Killed in Montana Miles City, Mont. (AP) - The Montana Highway Patrol Tuesday identified three Midwestern couples as the dead and injured in a bizarr + 1058 more characters
I believe MT Highway 59 between Miles City and Broadus was known as US 312 for a time. As Richard Bonine pointed out not too long ago in the url thread the Broadus highway has been realigned over the + 4868 more characters
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