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Don't bet on it, Tom.
"How much discussion took place regarding the RUSSIAN dossier investigation with Robert Mueller on twitter when it was going on? Eventually it was shown to be false information." Link? Perhaps you hav + 132 more characters
The reality is more like this. All of The Donald's best work deleted in one fell swoop:
This fool seems surprised to learn he's been labeled a terrorist and put on the no-fly list. 😭
Makes me wonder why Bill Barr chose to resign when he did and if knew of Trump's plans when he left.
Steve, it really is the "Democratic Party". Republicans like to call it the "Democrat Party" with emphasis on "rat". url
Remember when the face of the Republican Party looked more like this? url Photo by Monica Almeida/NY Daily News Archive/Getty
It would require having to admit they were wrong and no one likes to do that.
Firing Louis DeJoy from his role as U.S. Postmaster General.
And threatens him if he doesn't: “You know what they did, and you’re not reporting it,” Trump said during the call. “That’s a criminal, that’s a criminal offense. And you can’t let that happen. That’s + 115 more characters
Very well said, Robert.
... I too wonder what makes the wingnuts tick. One thing I have learned -- calling them "wingnuts" makes them "ticked".
That's an insult to the Pony Express.
The space left by the demolition of the Texas Club building has been filled in with an expansion of the Stockman Bank. The Thompson Rexall Drug building on the corner (720 Main St) is also undergoing + 369 more characters
Here is Ken as a boy getting Gene Autry's autograph when Gene was visiting Miles City. urlurl by url, on Flickr
I recently learned that Ken Ziebarth passed away on March 27, 2020, in Boulder, CO. Ken was a former Miles Citian and a member of the milescity.com community. Ken was a model railroader who was workin + 3481 more characters
Think about how smokers whined when they outlawed smoking in bars and restaurants. Then think about the people who are complaining about having to wear a mask to limit the spread of Coronavirus.
Lung cancer isn't known to be contagious, Jerry.
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