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You can see the Hawley Hotel with the red roof in the lower right of this post card. Also you can barely make out the building that used to stand at the SW corner of 8th and Bridge. It's obscured by t + 235 more characters
Yes, I believe that is correct -- north side of the 400 block of Main St.
Here's an old postcard photo of the Hawley Hotel: url
Time to dig this one out again... Q: Why did Santa Claus plant a garden? A: So he could hoe, hoe, hoe.
I mentioned this to a friend who farms in Illinois. He commented: Our Electric coop was formed in 1937 and there wasn't any in the rural areas for several years after that even in Illinois. I would gu + 581 more characters
This is a sad tale from the October 14, 2021, url Stardust column. I am wondering what sort of a pump this was. Was this a pump for the water well at their house? Yikes. 100 YEARS AGO (1921) A former + 591 more characters
I recommend sending Matt back to Maryland. The further away from Montana the better.
url (Photo by Kent Nishimura/Getty Images)
Don't bet on it, Bridgier. Just ask Gunnar.
Wire Communication Telegraphic communication not only played an important role in the life of a newspaper, it played even a more important role in the life of an Army post. Soldiers from Fort Keogh fi + 3898 more characters
Here is a link to the Congressional Record of the 45th Congress 2nd session regarding Senate Bill 864 to pay for the installation of the telegraph line. April 9, 1878. url
This may be a clue: In June 1878, the 9th U. S. Infantry which consisted of 520 men and was led by Lieutenant Colonel Luther P. Bradley was given the mission to construct a telegraph line. The line wa + 523 more characters
Post card photo originally posted by Hal Neumann:
It seems that the "Kentucky Block" building is 718 Main St. which is the building on the southwest corner of 8th and Main that Stockman Bank just remodeled into Stockman Insurance. url
Did anyone else notice that our national eviction moratorium did not apply to the Trump family? url
The gun handed to Alec Baldwin before the fatal shooting on the "Rust" movie set was loaded with a live round ... according to a warrant from the ongoing police investigation. The warrant says an assi + 357 more characters
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