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Sorry to hear that, Gunnar, for more reasons than one.
I love irony!
Try those steps with a backpack full of books.
In the June 29, 2021, url there was an obituary for Keith Randolph Wilson. Keith was the son of Dola and Blanche Wilson of Miles City. Dola was the original owner of the Range Riders Bar & Cafe in Mil + 1021 more characters
Is it true they are turning the theater into a three-plex theater? If so, that doesn't sound like a restoration so much as a desecration.
"That cute little play on the word procreate is getting a little old too." No, DJanssen, I don't know what you mean.
The website has a profanity filter that automatically turns the f-word into procreate. Don't blame Bridgier for that.
Party before country, Bridgier.
I'm willing to chip in on buying Jeff a one-way ticket to Afghanistan so he can show us how it's done. 20 years of American lives and money wasted on building the Afghanistan National Government only + 58 more characters
I am proud of President Biden for bringing honor and respect back to the Office of the President of the United States.
Looks like handouts for the Eastern Montana Fair.
Looking up Gierke Distributing led me to this: url
Billings Gazette, March 9, 1989 Ownership trail difficult to follow by Jill Sundby of the Gazette Staff The name "James Kenney" which stands out in bold tile letters at the entrance to the Montana Bar + 2129 more characters
It's my understanding that Ray Schmidt Jr. purchased the Montana Bar from Florence Kenney in 1977. Florence owned the Montana after the passing of her husband, George Kenney, who had owned the bar for + 201 more characters
RE: Eagles 2 months ago
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From the Wednesday, July 14, 2021, url: url
It's amazing the stuff you can find on the Internet.
You have to hear how the announcer says Ekalaka : Cowboy Carlson vs. Vincent López (05/08/1953)
My guesses: Wayne Olson, Jim Burnett, and Dave Parent.
You can also read it on this website here: url
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