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Gunnar Emilsson sent this photo to me. He thought the recent high water event on the Yellowstone River had exposed this structure along the south bank of the river, about 1/4 mile or so upstream from + 396 more characters
"Sweet cheeks" comes to mind, Richard.
Hay v. City of Miles City url
Yes. url . . . Now, due to the investigation of the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol, we know that Trump’s own inner circle knew there was no evidence of fraud. His attorney general, under oath, called the + 1588 more characters
I don't have any information beyond the listed owner of the property. If you feel the property is a public nuisance, I recommend taking it up with the Miles City City Council.
The Montana Cadastral site says that property is owned by: COMMUNITY RESTORATION ASSET PROPERTIES LLC PO BOX 1594 GREAT FALLS, MT 59403-1594
I don't think it's limited to the eastern half of the state.
Trump Country
[Associated Press Photo]
Does this work? url
It costs around $19/person to go up there now and we weren't able to get any seating in the bar at the time we went (there was a private event that evening that was taking up some of the limited bar s + 252 more characters
I had family in town over Memorial Day weekend and one of the things we did was visit the Smith Tower observation deck. The apartment in the pyramid top of Smith Tower was for rent in February of 2021 + 93 more characters
Here is a link that gives you a chance to roam around the newly refurbished 3-screen Montana Theatre. url
Short video about Maurice Hilleman. "Looking back on one's lifetime you say, 'Gee, what have I done? Have I done enough for the world to justify having been here?', you know that's a big worry - to pe + 50 more characters
url [Edited by David Schott (5/23/2022 11:19:32 PM)]
$4.659 for regular unleaded yesterday at the Redmond, WA, Costco. url
One too many spammers from non-USA IP addresses, Gunnar.
So, Gunnar, you're saying it doesn't snow in Hell-ena?
I'm getting motion sickness watching that.
Alright, who wrote this: Miles City station The Miles City station of Miles City, Montana is located at 500 Pacific Avenue and was built in 1924. It was a replacement commissioned to be designed by th + 562 more characters
Here's an old Miles City post card that better shows the building that once stood at 8th and Bridge St. url url
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