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This low clearance (11' 6") underpass in Kirkland, WA, makes me thing of Miles City's underpass: url url url
Charging a fee to cash a check drawn on their bank is skullduggery but perhaps a reflection of how easy it is to counterfeit checks these days. Many years ago, late 90s to early 2000s, a guy I worked + 521 more characters
url Clay Jones
url url Gerry McCulloch, Don Schott, Les Boodry
If you go to the U.S. Bank website and try to set up an in-person appointment for "personal banking" to open a checking/savings/credit card account the Miles City branch shows no appointments availabl + 138 more characters
$30K/mile for both sides of the interstate works out to about $2.84/foot if I did the math right. I assume it's typical barbed wire farm fencing and not extra high wildlife fencing and includes remova + 455 more characters
url Bill Bramhall
url Pickups driven through storefronts, motorhomes driven under bridges with too little clearance, etc. Those were the days!
MDOT Construction Info claims: I-94 - Mile Marker 128 to 152 Road Side R/W Fencing. Vehicles parked near roadway at times. url This is likely the project: Project ID: IM 94-4(92)129 url And this P + 164 more characters
Any updates on the Airport Inn under new ownership?
The original Klamm's Bar, Cafe, and Gas Station was located on the northeast corner of Leighton Blvd. and Valley Drive East (U.S. Highway 10-12). It was owned and operated by John Klamm Sr. and his wi + 653 more characters
With thanks to Jake Klamm and family, I am able to post these photos of the original Klamm's Bar, Cafe, Gas Station, and Klamm's Cabin Motel which was located on the northeast corner of Leighton Blvd. + 1036 more characters
Cecil Donald "Jerry" Ashley passed away on August 26, 1955, at age 16. url
Rick Comer passed away on February 7, 1971, at age 17: url His obituary says he died in a car accident on I-94 near Miles City. Does anyone know where the accident happened? Did this accident happen a + 41 more characters
1) Rick Comer was class of 1971 according to Hal: url 2) There was a Cathy Peterson who passed away on May 31, 1986, at age 16. url 4) There was an E.J. "Al" Albrecht who was superintendent in the lat + 357 more characters
See: url
Here's the link: url
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