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That's pretty geeky.
Those devil scientists claim the wall is way older than the wheel.
Because my house isn't public property?
Not representative of the Republican Party supporters I used to know.
The "MILES CITY & SPOK. R.P.O." postmark on this post card that's offered for sale on Ebay caught my attention: url Here is a discussion of Railway Post Offices from Trains magazine: url By Robert S. + 24 more characters
Math is hard.
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Yes, it is very frustrating. Worst Christmas Eve Day decline in the history of the U.S. stock market. Trump is hopelessly out of touch. The art of the deal dealer is digging in his heels to the detrim + 73 more characters
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Dow's worst week since... well... since the last time the Republican Party was in charge of our nation. Thanks, GOP.
Q: Do you know why Santa Claus planted a garden? A: So he could hoe, hoe, hoe. Yeah, I know.
Fake News! url
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The Dow Jones Industrial Average is now down over 7% for 2018. The worst performance since the George W. Bush administration in 2008.
This is great:
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I put all my money into the Westmoreland Coal Company.
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