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The url (33 - 0) are scheduled to play the Walters State Community College Lady Senators (28 - 4) of Morristown, Tennessee, on Monday, March 18, 2019, in the first round of the url at the url in Lubbo + 182 more characters
I guess you guys don't want to hear about how my daffodils are blooming.
Here's a heartwarming story out of Appalachian coal country just for you, OJ. url
url AP: Carolyn Kaster/Maryland
Party before country, Gunnar.
The referenced HB 571 was from the 2017 legislative session and it died in committee. url
The state motto is already in Spanish so that's a start.
url Walt Handelsman url
I hope he was read the Miranda Warning before he said that.
Allen Winkley, perhaps.
I think he was being a wiseguy.
Happy Birthday Coach Etchemendy and congratulations to the Cowboys wrestling team!
Time has a way of washing away the delight. url
The Rams are getting their new stadium.
Their official site has a video of the topping out ceremony. It really gets to my fear of heights. url
The Billings Gazette was reporting that the bitter cold was causing the USPS to suspend mail services in eastern Montana. Is that true? It's currently 22F in Miles City. Chilly, but hardly grounds for + 243 more characters
That's pretty geeky.
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