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I think Trump's #1 goal in running for president is to keep himself out of jail. His #2 goal is vengeance. Doing what's best for our nation isn't even on his list. Yesterday in Iowa he called for his + 166 more characters
This dog must be a Republican.
Oh, and regarding Santos, Montana's "illustrious" Representative Matt Rosendale voted to keep him. At least Zinke had the good sense to send him packing.
It's easier to put up with batshit crazy than the whining about how unfair this site is.
It's frustrating, Frank, but I've grown accustomed to the "I'm taking my ball and going home" crowd around here.
In the same location that eventually became the Innovation Cafe? Seems like that space went through a number of iterations of different-named cafe/restaurants in that era. Frank, wasn't the restaurant + 159 more characters
Okay, so I guess you don't want to talk about why Joe Biden is "awful".
If people can come here to get information for free, why pay for the newspaper? If advertisers direct their advertising dollars to this site, it takes advertising dollars away from other media. There + 644 more characters
The index calls it "Universal Athletic Center" (not "Service"). Perhaps an error in the index. I wonder about the history of Universal Athletic Service in Miles City. My recollection is that I became + 1089 more characters
I don't recall Universal Athletic Center in 1975. Lee's Alignment Center -- I have fond memories of Lee Marston and watching him replace a spindle on my '67 Plymouth. [Edited by David Schott (11/29/20 + 15 more characters
The local newspaper (what's left of it) and radio stations see this site as their competition. They make no money off of this site... and neither does anyone else, for that matter. You want pro-Trump + 672 more characters
url Anthony James Cross
Don't mess with meth, kids. url
I guess we’re gluten free now.
Like this? url "James Comer has been criticized by Democrats after reports emerged he gave his brother a $200,000 personal loan, despite criticizing President Joe Biden for doing the same thing."
"It is pretty bizarre to just paint the other guy as the problem, when there is a problem currently sitting in power." You're referring to Speaker of the House Mike Johnson?
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