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Now you know what it's like trying to paint in Seattle.
Last night.
This video was taken in the building I was in during the 2001 Nisqually earthquake. The guy whose purple shirt and stomach you see at 14 seconds is Jay Charters (a contract software test engineer that + 145 more characters
url Building 27 has 3 floors above ground and 1 floor of underground parking that is generally open such that you could climb up a short retaining wall and walk up a dirt slope to ground level. At th + 344 more characters
I bought my son a "The Kinks" shirt for Christmas. His friends have mocked him for it when he wears it, but when the Kinks landed a song in the second highest-grossing box office movie ever, the shirt + 33 more characters
Ha ha, that email thread is a good representation of Larry whenever we had an earthquake. I think he had a similar sense of panic in his voice when he called me at 5am after the quake I slept through. + 1282 more characters
Thanks, Hal. Earthquakes are definitely wild. I have felt 4 that I recall for sure in my 29 years in Seattle. This one was pretty mild. I slept through one (a fifth one) that I know of because Larry ( + 205 more characters
Those who saw the movie "Avengers: Endgame" might recognize this Kinks song from the movie:
My earthquake insurance doubles the price of my homeowners insurance and the coverage has a 10% deductible and does not cover masonry (which my brick facade, fireplace, and chimney are the things that + 304 more characters
I don't feel so lucky when it comes time to pay the premium.
Yes, it did wake me up at 2:52am. Doors were rattling and my bed was swaying. No damage around here that I can see. I guess I shouldn't cancel my earthquake insurance policy...
Heeeere's Johnny! url
Oy vey!
Nice. Mom would have been 13 and Jean 17, I believe. The tradition continued with Ruthie taking her kids to the Pine Hills for picnics. Fun times.
"I am the yeast of thoughts and mind!"
What the...?
Yeah, you're welcome.
Click on the images below for a larger picture. url url The Hawley Hotel was located on the north side of the 400 block of Main Street where the St. Vincent de Paul store is located today.
Below is an example of the current IMGUR user interface. 1. Go to IMGUR.COM. 2. Click on "New Post" in the upper left corner. 3. Drag and drop the image file onto the spot where it says to "Drop Image + 391 more characters
Okay, maybe not Alzada: url url
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It looks like a great boat. I hope it serves its new owner well.
Finally! Congratulations, Jim!!
RE: Week Old Chicks one month ago
I updated the phone number in the original post. - Dave