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I missed most of the second half but the final score was: Miles City 21, Laurel 16 Congratulations to the Cowboys on derailing the Locos.
QB Carson Hunter ran it in for a TD. With under a minute left in the first half: Miles City 21, Laurel 0
The Cowboys blocked a Laurel punt and recovered the ball in the Laurel end zone for 6 points. The KATL Radio announcers credited number 64, Tyler Harms (sp?) with the blocked punt. Jess Bellows kicke + 76 more characters
Carson Hunter threw a touchdown pass to Jess Bellows for 6 and Jess Bellows kicked the extra point to make it 7. 12 minutes left in the second quarter: Miles City 7, Laurel 0
You can also stream this Cowboys @ Laurel game on KATL Radio's website: Click on "Listen Now"... url Currently 5:22 left in the first quarter and the game is scoreless.
Actually, "Frank", I think he was going to the vet to have his anal glands expressed.
Headline on the front page of tonight's url "Calf breaks loose from fair, roped at Holy Rosary" Haven Meged gets credit for the takedown.
Sounds like Leota Henricks.
I would be curious to know the price difference between repairing/bracing the old structure vs. what they wound up doing. I'm also concerned about what is going to happen to the City Hall Building. I' + 560 more characters
And "after" photos:
Sorry to hear that. Here are some "before" photos. urlurl urlurl
This was in the Miles City Star Stardust column a while back. Junked car bodies and other large items such as abandoned shacks or big trees will be accepted for a week and be hauled away for free and + 561 more characters
My recollection of that bar when it was "The Drake Lounge" is that it had sort of an Art Deco style back bar. Was that the case when it was the Gas Lite as well?
Maybe someone didn't get that memo. The news is reporting that construction crews broke a gas line near I-94 by Miles City and all I-94 traffic is being routed through Miles City. It's like the good + 70 more characters
Did one of them look like Witch Hazel?
I didn't make it in there until it was The Drake Lounge -- mid-80s. There was shag carpet on the walls at that time which I assumed was a holdover from the discotheque era. I can't imagine a disco wit + 251 more characters
At what point did they install the shag carpeting on the walls?
Now you know what it's like trying to paint in Seattle.
Last night.
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Is that you, J.B.?
RE: Jet Boat for Sale! 2 months ago
It looks like a great boat. I hope it serves its new owner well.
RE: Jet Boat for Sale! 2 months ago
Finally! Congratulations, Jim!!