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Not 100% certain but I think it was in the same general location as the current court house.
Here is an image of the Custer County Court House in about 1884 that was sent to me by Gary Coffrin. Gary worked on cleaning up the old photograph a bit. It was a nice looking building. url
Safe travels to you and Glenna, Tucker!
Don't worry, Rob. The rest of us are paying our taxes to cover your share of the burden. You're welcome.
The Bobby Boatly Four:
Two words: Plausible deniability.
Here's an idea: Move to Glendive.
Oh, and make no mistake, 656 feet is still a pretty dang tall antenna. I'm pretty sure that when it was built in ~1980 it was the tallest man-made structure in Montana. The KTGF tower didn't come alon + 13 more characters
That KIKC-FM listing says their antenna is 1010 ft "HAAT" (height above average terrain). The actual height is 656 ft above ground. So, that is the story behind that. url
I noticed this Wikipedia listing: url That says the KTGF television "tower" is the tallest structure in Montana: KTGF Television Tower (Great Falls NBC 16) - Height: 801 ft (244 m) - Great Falls (47°3 + 354 more characters
Tucker, sorry to hear you're departing Miles City once again. Where in Oregon are you headed to?
Hatch Trading Center Highway 10 East Miles City, Mont. url
url Hatch, Charles M. 909 Pleasant, Box 699 Miles City 59301 Charles M. Hatch, Agency 232-1726 Salesmen Bastian, Charles H. Bockness, Dale O.
Lyda Nugent Hatch Miles City Star, 9 Jan 2003 Lyda Hatch, 97, of Miles City, died Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2003, in the Holy Rosary Extended Care Facility. Mrs. Hatch was born Sep. 13, 1905, in Wapella, Saska + 1990 more characters
Most of them make a convincing case for being 18 or older. urlBillings Gazette / Larry Mayer Coors was all the rage in 1978 thanks to Smokey and the Bandit. I have a Hamm's Beer serving tray like the + 79 more characters
The drinking age was 18 in 1978, Richard. No problem.
On May 12th the url ran a retrospective story on the Miles City Bucking Horse Sale that featured a number of Gazette photographer Larry Mayer's photos from the 1978 Bucking Horse Sale: url Here is on + 867 more characters
Thanks, "Frank". I swear Montana used to be bigger than that.
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