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I think Thomas Edison himself might have installed that thing!
Thanks to Gary Coffrin for sending me this circa. 1908 postcard photo of the south side of the 600 block of Main Street, Miles City. Note the 600 Cafe was called the "HEADQUARTERS" and it had bowling + 228 more characters
According to one inflation calculator $3.75 in 1952 would be equivalent to $36.63 in 2019. Good luck finding a hotel room in Miles City for $36.63 but at least you should get a private bathroom.
Thanks to Gary Coffrin for sending this to me. The post card was postmarked November 7, 1934. url url Addressed to Mrs Elizabeth Johnson, 1302 Lowry Ave. No., Minneapolis, Minn. (1302 Lowry Ave No. is + 394 more characters
He likes to keep things vague. It gives him a better chance of winning.
How many times has Robert Barlow Shipley lost in court over the course of his lifetime? And how many times has he prevailed? I suspect he would rather not talk about that.
Garberson Clinic was located in the Miles City Plaza in my time. Today it is called the Garberson Building. It's located near the old barn-shaped Dairy Queen building.
Perhaps the Miles City Clinic located on the southeast corner of N Jordan Ave. and Clark Street?
My kids' schools here in Washington state started out being closed "until 3/27" but within a day that turned into "until 4/24". Don't be shocked if Montana's schools wind up being closed beyond 3/27.
url url, url
Some other post card pictures that show the Opera House or its location. It appears to me that the Opera House faced Sixth Street. It had a large box-like structure on top of the back portion of the b + 944 more characters
I believe "Winklebean" is one of the Lucky Charms leprechauns.
LEST YOU FORGET WE ARE HERE YET AND CAN DO YOUR PAINTING PAPERHANGING AND DECORATING ON SHORT NOTICE BONNER & BUREN Sign seen in this old postcard of the Miles City Opera House. This photo was sent to + 876 more characters
Sorry to hear that, Dave.
BUCKLE UP & LIVE Is that what is embossed at the top?
When was the last time you baked chocolate brownies from scratch, Richard?
Oh, and the other headline: Worst floods in Montana's history Don't you just love superlative weather events? They're always "the worst in history". My sister-in-law visited me two different times her + 150 more characters
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Some possible options: url