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Judge not that ye be not judged.
RE: Skunky 11 years ago
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Thank you everyone for the advice! I appreciate it
Skunky 11 years ago
in General Discussion
My dogs had their first experience with a skunk They did not get sprayed directly but the smell has clung to their fur. Any tips?? Would it be easier to take them to a groomer (would they even take t + 31 more characters
The Sleep Inn & Suites has conference rooms- one with a sink and counter space. Not sure if you need an oven or stove top...
I live 20 miles out of town and I will have to drive my son to Jefferson every day. I work in MC so no big deal. You want to bitch about gas money and time spent driving when you live IN TOWN?? What a + 467 more characters
Garfield only has one Kindergarten class. It's probably full.
Supply lists are at WalMart! Bought all my son's supplies for $20. That was a relief!
I have been freaking out about not getting a list yet; my son starts Kindergarten and I have NO idea what to do or where to go- I believe he is going to Highland Park since that is where I had to send + 94 more characters
Don't forget that Clifford was a story book first!
Sorry Misti, when your occupation requires you to be in some sort of public service, you sort of set yourself up for criticism (good or bad)on how you perform.
Chris may be trying his best, but he is just not good enough! He is a horrible radio personality (would be better if he actually had one!). Turning the radio on and hearing his droning, monotonous mon + 141 more characters
If a mechanic does a sh!tty job fixing your car, is it his fault or his tools? A doctor can get sued for malpractice for obvious reasons- is his patient's life in his hands or his equipment? You cann + 56 more characters
If it was as easy for James Holmes to obtain all that firepower as it should be for law abiding citizens to carry (concealed or not), he would have been detained as soon as he was noticed. The old sa + 297 more characters
what time do the fireworks start tonight and where?
I heard that they've already done a city wide ban of fireworks in Billings. I hope people here have the same sense of mind.
What date are you looking for, for driving down there?
Oh, my mistake. Still, my point remains.
I think milescity should be exiled to Westboro, KS. There's a little Baptist church there where I think he would fit in perfectly.
RE: Why? 11 years ago
in General Discussion
Ugh... another one?
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