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I'm with you on that statement roughneck.
Nice pics Hal,Happy fishing,it sounds like a good time.
This is going to raise total hell over at the Pine Hills School. Imagine the confusion and disorder. Rehabilitation will be a total waste of time.
Rock on Brian you know that you can count on a donation from me and the DQ. What you do is fantastic. Thanks
Sounds fun let me know if you need help
I call BS to that
I agree thanks
I hate to bust your bubble, but when it is all over and the bickering stops. You can bet that the middle class and the small business sector will be the one that gets hosed in the end. That is the way + 168 more characters
What happened to the people that were stealing the cars from the surrounding area? I had heard that some were caught but no mention of who they were.
Cool Amber!!!!! Way to go. We are proud of you.
I am thankful for my family and friends. I am also thankful for my customers who have supported our Dairy Queen store for the past 36 years. I invite you to come out on Saturday for our customer appri + 62 more characters
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