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RE: Help? 12 years ago
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The business is direct sales in skin care and cosmetics. Thank you so much for the Airport Inn idea. =)
Help? 12 years ago
in General Discussion
I am looking for a FREE or very inexpensive place that I can hold my business debut; conference room, meeting area, somewhere?. I'm planning for Saturday, October 2nd for a couple hours from 4-8pm. If + 155 more characters
With Red box and Netflix a Movie rental place is obsolete. Especially in a town so small. It would just end up losing money.
That was a beautiful video! I wish more places and more people can be that accepting.
This is a good idea. I would help.
I've been trying to follow every thing from Missoula. I got a few pictures, and videos yesterday. It was only a few blocks away from my Dad's house. I called him to make sure he know what was going on + 312 more characters
One of the greatest ballads ever made!! Too bad it was ruined by the little country "star" singer wanna-be! Why can't musician today do their own work?? Too many people doing cover songs. Let see some + 133 more characters
[deleted - duplicate]
I think the dress I got was from You could try there. If I had anything in her sized I'd let her pick through what I have. Good luck!!
Thank you all for the feedback. I'm glad I'm not the only one concerned about this.. It can be prevented, and I'm only one person, but having others out there who want to see this change in our small + 39 more characters
I really don't think attacking parents, and blaming them for their child's death is right. Depression is an internal battle. A chemical imbalance of the brain. It is nobody fault.
I have spoken to someone from the school, thank you. I'm sure that the speaker would have been qualified. There whole mentality on the issue is leave it alone and it will just get better. Obviously th + 121 more characters
So why isn't anything being done?
No one should have to go through that. That's why I think it's so important to talk to the kids around here. It scares me to think, "which one is going to do it next?" My little sister's a among those + 73 more characters
In the 6 years I've attended Miles City schools, there have been several suicides, and countless attempts. Including my sister, and several friends of mine. I find it highly disturbing that the school + 661 more characters
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