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At the Old Prison in Deer Lodge, there are several pictures of him.
Thanks, Rick.
I have a picture of Skip Kennedy as a Navy SEAL (I think it was)in the middle of the ocean walking on top of an early space capsule. I believe Skip's grandmother was Mrs. Dunbar who lived perhaps in t + 406 more characters
You're a bundle of info. Hal! I guess it would have been possible that they leased an already-built elevator......All very interesting....I had never considered that before. The more family research I + 221 more characters
I have found the family on the 1880 census......Frederick, Louisa (both born England) and also Victor and Arthur. The family name on the census (right or wrong) was spelled "BARRLL".....a common spell + 255 more characters
Sally.........I remember you tho'.......just a wee bit younger, however Riding a tricycle the last time I can remember.
Nancy.......this is Jeanne Dahlin, now Swick.......I graduated in 1963 but remember you well.....I really looked up to you and thought you were the NICEST person in the world. I haven't heard of you i + 179 more characters
The Lytle elevator pre-dated would have been in place about 1910. When the homesteader's dried up.......I'm sure the elevator did as well. The words "D. L. Lytle" were printed in faded l + 544 more characters
Thanks all!! Ken, I'll await the pictures. I foggily remember that either you or your brother always had a I right? My memory of the elevator basically ended with graduation in 1963.... + 681 more characters
My dad, Hilmar G. Dahlin (b. 1896, d. 1980), was part of the MTNG effort in 1916 during the Pancho Villa chase. He was a very young man, newly arrived from Minnesota at the time. I have a ton of memo + 721 more characters
I am researching a branch of my family who homesteaded near Miles City and also lived in the town at various times during the 1910-1930 era. The family name is LYTLE. David Levi Lytle had a grain elev + 932 more characters
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